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  • dianne day - Oh Dr Phil, why weren't you on TV 35 years ago?I would have saved myself so many mistakes. I have lost so much money in my life from being trusting and stupid. As hard as I try, it still wakes me up at night. I always thought I had a "Good heart" and it would come back to me. If anyone really knew how stupid I was to be so smart. ...................
  • Glenn Korman - Artie is back. Loved the book. Any fan will love it,Loved it. I was a big fan of Artie's on Howards radio show. He fills in all the questions about what happened after his exit. Loved it. Read it in one day. He is honest and funny about his drug problems. Any fan of Stern will LOVE it
  • Tracy L. - Excellent addition to the series...This is an excellent addition to the series. There is something quite brilliant to the seemingly simple story lines. The very fact the Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni is always referred to by that name is wonderfully charming. The characters remain a constant (except for maybe the immergence of a more formidable Mma Makutsi) and the description and imagery of Mma Ramotswe's Botswana is outstanding. If you are a fan of this series of books, GOOD HUSBAND will not disappoint. I cannot wait for the next one.
  • Bama Kayaker - Inspiration for ReaganAmity Shlaes does a wonderful job pulling back the onion on a president who has always been obscure to me. I was particularly fascinated with his handling of the Boston Police strike in 1919, and its foreshadowing of how Ronald Reagan handled the Air Traffic Controllers in 1981. In today's twitter and social media world, today's politicians could learn much from Coolidge's understated style, not to mention his disciplined approach to the federal budget. We could only be so lucky for a Coolidge to reemerge in the 21st Century!
  • Rhonda J. wilkinson - works great for small areasi don't know why the product has gotten bad reviews unless its just trying to do a large area. i will tell you were it works wonders is on my face. i was desperate for help and did not want to pay the money to go get laser treatments. i have used the trio for several months now and 90% of the hair is gone from my face. i can tell you it has been wonderful. i had some much chin hair i was depressed. please do not let the negative reviews stop you. if you want to use it on legs or large areas it might not be the answer but for smaller areas like your face it works wonders.