Anti Inflammatory Gel | Non Steroidal with Ibuprofen | Deep Relief - Deep Relief is an effective non steroidal anti inflammatory gel, combining 2 painkilling ingredients - ibuprofen and levomenthol - to give you powerful relief right where you need it.

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  • D. Corbishley - Great tool for running your businessI just started running my own business earlier this year and Quickbooks has been a real help. Lots of functions I don't need yet but I hope to as my company grows. Also bought the book 'QuickBooks 2012 The Offical Guide' and between them I was able to setup my books, bill customers, track expenses, etc. and my accountant can use the file I send him to do my taxes.

    The 2013 version is not a major update from 2012, mostly enhancements without new major features. If you have an earlier versions 2011 you may benefit from updating.
  • Tiffany - First period in over 70 days!I just got this on the 21st and I've only been taking it for 4 days. Well low and behold, I've started my period after over 70 days of not having one. If this is how it's going to be with these pills, then I'm all for it! I've been irregular since my first period, so this is a nice change. Can't wait to see what else these pills have in store for me! Will keep everyone updated :)
  • Thomas P. Ault - Long live the king!!!An old friend of mine went to this show. I was not able to make it. Everything Rush does is great so if you haven't bought this yet and are not sure about this band yet. If you are a bass player and you haven't listened or seen Geddy Lee..Get A Move! Alex and Neil are of course excellent too. This one solid unit. My favorite group since I stopped buying KISS albums in the 1970's when I was a kid. For such an intellectual band they have a genuine humility and sense of humour.