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  • D. Robley "nurse D" - The greatest and closest source to the NCLEX testI only wish I got this book earlier in my nursing school career. It seems like this book personally knows your errors in test taking and points it out, then teaches you how to correct your errors. Very detailed and it can't get any simpler even my friend feels more confident in taking her test now. This is a must have reference tool to help prep for you exams in school and definitely for the licensure!
  • Mike P. "mikep007" - The Best Baseball Analysis on the Market!This is a great read for any baseball fan but a MUST READ for the fantasy baseball player.

    1. The players are ordered by teams with hitters first followed by pitchers in alphabetical order. There's a great index by name as well. The front matter talks in great detail about the statistics used in the text, explaining the analytic approach in excrutiating but fun detail.

    2. Each team has a few pages of sumnmary discussion followed by player stats/descriptions. The player stats are presented for the prior 3 years and they include projections for the 2012 season.

    3. The best part: the analysts provide a text summary of the player in plain English terms -- the comments can be sarcastic, funny, biting, and even hilarious. I often quote from the book at my baseball draft auction. The Manny Ramirez quote, for example, "Everyone's favorite idiot showed a new level of stupidity by violating baseball's performance-enhancing drug policy for the second time. Manny's bay area retreat lasted only slightly longer than the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba as Ramirez retired rather than sit out 100 games...." Great stuff.

    Buy this book. Now.
  • Lynda McKim - Absolutely LOVE this.I am a Senior female living alone and lugging the old hose around was a pain. Hated how it kinked and tangled and hooked on stuff. This hose is as light a feather and never kinks or tangles. I bought two. One for the front and one for the back. Would HIGHLY recommend this product. It's amazing.
  • Gail Higdon - Such a good book!I recommend this to young girls especially, but also to anyone who wants to get a grasp on the motivation driving guys. I've gotten into a few conversations since reading this book maybe two years ago and every guy I've come across has been really surprised at how keen I am on the difference in mindset between guys and girls. I really do recommend this book, its well worth a read.