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  • melelani3688 - So Far, So GoodMy 6 year old daughter got this from Santa for Christmas, so far she loves it! The only drawback is that the downloads are insanly expensive, but we haven't even had to download anything for her yet, and it's still got her attention. (Three week later) We'll have to see how long that lasts, LOL.
  • Juan Pablo Malosetti - ExcellentIt is my first Kindle. It is great because you can use it as a tablet aswell. Highly recommend this product.
  • Rosemary Perkoski - Who am I really?I chose this book because I love beautiful French perfume. But the surprise was Grace's intriguing story of finding her true identity and accepting the changes that made to her life. I hated putting this book down, and I didn't want it to end. This is a great rainy day read while curled up by a crackling fire.
  • Jacob M. Olson "Catch a nod" - Excellent bookI hesitated to purchase this book based on the title. Something about the title made me worry the book would be poorly written. I purchased it because it was recommended by a friend. I am glad I did. Balko's work is scholarly and well reasoned. This book is a must read for anyone who has any interest in the criminal justice system.
  • Method2Madness "Alex" - A very thorough and helpful book.DISCLAIMER: Although this was given to me through Vine to review, unlike other questionable "reviewers", I actually take the time to USE the product or READ the book. So whatever score/review the product gets, it's absolutely earned. At no time is a product given a particular review or rating simply because I fear loosing Vine status. That's not how the Vine program operates.

    Anyhoo, onto the review:

    First off, this book is quite thick and has a TON of useful information. It reads pretty much exactly like a classroom-book, which makes sense, as that's exactly what it is. Even down to "homework" you must do. I read the whole thing first just to get an idea of the instruction contained within, and then started on the "homework" assignments after and I'm actually quite impressed what I was able to learn in such a short time. The book does assume (a safe assumption) that you know a little more than the basic computer user and are at least somewhat familiar with Autodesk products, but is still quite easy to follow.