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  • Kitty Foth-Regner "author of Heaven Without Her" - Forget "women's liberation" - this is the real deal!This book was written for Christians, but I can't imagine that any woman could read it and remain unchanged. Author DeMoss takes on the lies that ruin our lives and destroy our peace - lies about ourselves, our relationships, our emotions, our circumstances, our sin, and most important of all, God Himself. And then she tells us the truth.
  • MntMom - Love this product, it has helped me!After suffering from bloating and gas in the evenings, I decided to give this a try. I was tired of feeling sickly, and miserable every night. I started taking it with my evening meal. This product has worked wonders for me! It took about 2-3 weeks before I noticed a difference, but I no longer feel bloated or gassy in the evenings, and have even been able to indulge in beans on occasion, without the awful side effects I once had. I should mention that I also take medication for an under active thyroid, am female, age 46. I noticed no side affects whatsoever. I have been taking it for about a month and a half now, am thrilled with the results, and will continue buying this product.
    Also, I noticed on this site it says for adults to take two capsules twice a day with meals, but on the actual bottle it says take one capsule daily with a meal, which is what I do.
  • customer - My most favorite possession!!My daughter has a genetic disorder which includes suppressed immunity. Last year she suffered a string of sinus infections, of course all bringing seizures with them. My poor 4-y-o just couldn't catch a break. My friend lives in Germany, married to a Slovakian man, and she said when she had her first baby this was one of the usual baby gifts over there. Everyone gets one. So I searched and found this.
    Not a single sinus infection ever since! And all of her illnesses are less severe and shorter-lived! Literally a life-changer for her. The stuff is not allowed to sit in there and fester. It is amazing what this thing will suck out: probably 5x more junk than the bulb syringe. And with a tiny fraction of the time, effort and complaints. Actually, she rarely complains, but rather asks for the "bacuum" when she has "boogar junk."
    We use it regularly, probably 5+ times a day when she's sick. I've got a chair by the vacuum closet, the vacuum always plugged in... We've got a whole system. Make sure you rinse it out right away, before stuff crusts inside. We have a dyson, which may explain why especially the larger loads get sucked out of the receptacle area and occasionally even start their way down the tube. Never gets into the vacuum though.