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  • julissa altamirano - Life changing bookI had the opportunity to read 1 chapter in Get the Guy. I immediately ordered the book with one day shipping. After just reading one chapter of the book I already have 2 dates set up in the next week compared to none in the past year. I am confident that by the time I finish the book I will have "gotten the guy". This book is truly transforming and I recommend it to every women who desires to be or is in a relationship.
  • Heavens - Don't miss this bookAfter being incredibly sick for two years, I tried this diet and within three weeks had relief from almost all of the terrible Crohn's disease symptoms I had been experiencing. Symptoms that the medications had never been able to get rid of. That was twelve years ago. Progress continued as I continued the diet. It saved my life. Absolutely, positively saved my life. Two other members of my immediate family have Crohn's disease, yet will not stick to this diet. One of them has been resectioned FIVE times; the other chronically ill and heavily drugged. Meanwhile, my latest colonscopy shows NOTHING yet again. There are great cookbooks for this diet now...there weren't when I started. And I have been following the diet as a vegetarian. If you think sticking to this diet is difficult, trying being resectioned...or worse.

    UPDATE: 8/13 After being on the diet for many, many years, I slowly reintroduced different foods. Some SCD dietary changes I made permanent and some things I allowed back in my diet. I now pretty much have an unrestricted vegetarian diet,but modified from what it was before. For instance, when I make lemonade, I use lemons, water and honey instead of sugar. When I make muffins, they're still the SCD recipe from the original book. Still make my yogurt. When I make ice cream, I use SCD yogurt. So even though I eat lots of things I didn't when I was on the diet, I've also maintained some core elements. Keep in mind that I was on the diet many years before adding things back. Had my colonoscopy this week and once again, totally clear. I remain very grateful.
  • K. Rasmussen - Lighthearted funI, and the rest of our family, enjoyed passing this one around when it arrived in my stocking one Christmas. At first I was a little embarrassed to be opening it up in front of my mother-in-law. I was relieved, and delighted, by the inside. It is seriously just a joke. I have a great husband who pulls his share of the housework. I'm a working mother, nothing June Cleaver about me. I was not in any way offended by this. It is not suggesting that women care more about housework than about sex. How many women feel like they are the only ones who notice the dishes in the sink, or wake up to hear the baby crying in the middle of the night only to look over and find their husband snoring away? If you are one of those women, this is the book for you. Like I said, I have a great husband, but there are certainly times when I dream of having him say one of the things that the men in this book do! I agree with one other reviewer that the only downside was the length (of the book, that is :). It is rather short (the book, again, that is).
  • Joanna Daneman - Perfume Collector is delish!This novel is about an American woman in the 1950's who finds out she's been left a fortune by a woman she never met and never heard of. And...the woman is French, so off to Paris she goes, to meet with the solicitor who is handling the bequest. There she meets the mysteriously-named Madame Zed, creator of the Lanvin's signature "My Sin," who knew Eva D'Orsey, the dead woman, and Zed unfolds the story of Eva's life to Grace Munroe, the mystified American.

    The story jumps around in time, back to Eva's early days as a hotel chambermaid, to the Fifties, and after you get the mise en scene and characters, this stops being disorienting and starts being a lot of fun. The sights, smells, sounds and details of each time are lovingly recreated, making this a pleasurable novel to curl up with and enjoy. It reminds me of a cross between "Upstairs, Downstairs" and Colette's writing.

    Add in mystery, sex, misdeeds, regrets and two marvelous times lost (the Paris and New York of the Twenties and Fifties) and you have a tasty morsel indeed.

    I enjoyed every bite!
  • S. Brown - Love it! Significant hair reduction!I bought one of the very first TRIAs on the market directly from TRIA Beauty. I paid $1,000 for mine! I can't believe how much it has come down in price. My first unit died within the first couple months, but the company replaced it immediately and the replacement unit has been working great and I have had it around four years now. I am not hair free, but since the hair reduction is so significant I just have to highly recommend it. The spa treatments are so expensive and you only get the areas you pay for whereas the TRIA is yours so you can laser anyplace you want. Since the laser head is so small it is tedious and time consuming and some places are hard to reach by yourself. I used to never ever wear skirts or dresses because my thighs would rub together and the stubble scratching was completely painful. Now I have been wearing skirts and dresses comfortably since the hair grows in so much finer and so much more slowly. So if anybody has doubts that this machine actually works, I can vouch that it absolutely does. If I am happy with my machine for the whopping original price of $1,000 the price they are selling it for now is absolutely worth it in my opinion.