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  • Pharm Hand "Mike" - Now I understand what's happening!After reading this book I can see what is happening with our current government. And I can also see how to stop it. If you read or watch the news (not the horrible mainstream news) you will see how and who will stop it. (A few are doing it now, but nobody believes it.) It's time to join in, and stop the distruction of our constitutional rights by the current administration.
  • - You have got to try this!After trying everything there is to try and heal my psoriasis, I had pretty much given up on traditional therapies. But each day I would search the internet for new treatments, in the hopes of finding that "new breakthrough!" that would work. I stumbled across this book, and skeptically, decided to try it. What else did I have to lose? I read it word for word, front to back. What he talks about in the book MAKES SENSE. It causes you to do one of those slaps on the forehead b/c you didn't previously realize what was causing psoriasis. Just as liver dysfunction can causing discoloration of the skin (jaundice) as a result of trying to rid the body of toxins, so it can cause patches on your skin in the case of psoriasis. I strongly URGE YOU to try this book. A lot of the remedies seem farfetched (Epsom salts??) but if you comply with the book and actually do them, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. At first I was extremely doubtful (who wouldn't be???). But when things began happening just as Dr. Pagano said they would, I began to realize that maybe this guy really knew what he was talking about. Within about five months, I was ready to put on my bathing suit and join my friends on the lake...something I haven't been able to do in over two years. Even if you are skeptical, give it a try. But you have to stick with it. I have wondered once or twice from the diet, and splurged on some of the "stay away from" foods, and as a result, seen a few patches spring up on my skin. I still have one or two patches that are very small, and they are beginning to clear with continued dedication to Dr. Pagano's remedy. It may sound like a pain to have to put ourselves through such remedies, but believe me, THE OUTCOME IS WORTH IT. I am much happier knowing that I can control and prevent my outbreaks! No more worrying about wearing long sleeves in the summer.
  • Yoga and Yorkies - Still ScaredThe author came up with a very clever way to tell this story. You know from the beginning that she was kidnapped, and you know that somehow she was saved as each chapter is a session with her "shrink." And yet there is tension and suspense until the very end of the book. I was totally surprised by the ending, and yet I realized the foreshadowing was there. I was completely afraid for the heroine until the very end. Great summer read if you don't mind having your hands shake at the beach.
  • K. M. Hampton "CoSteelrgrl" - Awesome sourceMy daughters have both used this along with some online sources. It's amazing the number of scholarships available if you take the time to look. Definitely worth the money, and we noticed that a majority of the scholarships remain from year to year so it's an excellent starting point if you have several children who are continuing their education.
  • billw214 - Excellent MovieI don't know why these people are downing this movie, I thought it was an excellent movie, if you like The Day After Tomorrow, you should love this movie. Yea The Day After Tomorrow was better, but 2012 Ice Age was also a great movie, see to enjoy this movie you have to like movies with a lot of snow and action, plus destruction. I thought the acting was very good, but even if people didn't like the acting it's the destruction and the detail that make the movie, now I'm very picky about my movies, just like the movie Storm Of The Century, the 4 hour movie, when I first rented it I watched a half an hour of it and turned it off cause I thought it so stupid, but a couple years later I rented it again and I had an open mind about it and I couldn't keep my eyes off of it because it kepted me in suspense, I didn't give it a chance at first and now Storm Of The Century is my favorite movie, what I'm trying to say is have an open mind especially if your a fan of snow blizzard movies with destruction and give it a chance, cause I read all these awful reviews about this movie 2012 Ice Age and I watched it anyway and I loved every bit of the movie.