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  • A. Mandeville "Somanytools" - Easy Install and UsageI have been using Kaspersky products for about 3 years now and was due for a new program as my licence on the 2011 program was expired, so i thought I would try this version which is more of an internet focused rather than an all inclusive. For me this I hoped would be a compromise between the pop up type software and those that seem to do nothing until your already infected. As it turns out this is my favorite Kaspersky version I have tried.

    So this is a simple install on Windows 7, and it will put an over sized Icon on your desktop that looks like a little computer. It shows a green screen when all is fine and red when your attention is needed. It has a plethora of features including mail, file, and web anti virus but also application control to limit a programs ability to web surf or update without you knowing. It has Firewall and network attack as well as more commonly needed features like Anti banner settings.

    I can't say I have had to try to remove a virus or been attacked by one, but I think that is the whole point of using this type of software is to avoid the problem in the first place.

    I can say that I like the easy interface and the way this software simply does its job without bothering me. That in and of itself is a key feature for me.

    So I do recommend this software will say I can't find a con to mention. So with that I have to say its 5 stars.
  • Philip B Wood "Marli's PaPaw" - It's difficult sometimes to love the truth particulary when it is so Ugly.I am Amazed that Jeremy is still alive, he displays far more intelligence, intellect, spine and humanity than the vast majority of those in the White House, Halls of Congress, the Senate, The Pentagon and the so called Halls of justice. I can think of no one whom I have more respect and admiration for. He is a TRUE PATRIOT, a TRUE AMERICAN, cut from the same cloth that the founders of our once great Nation came from. After reading his previous book "Blackwater" I bought "Dirty Wars" as soon as it became available. Having finished it I had no choice but to come to the conclusion that while my assessment of the last 50 years of America's direction has been disturbingly accurate the United States has slide even further into the pit of a sickening blend of Fascism, Feudalism and Plutocracy.
    In November of 1963 I was only 15 years old but even then I knew that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy and that JFK's assassination was motivated by something far more sinister than the insanity of a lone gunman. It was the result of insane greed for power and wealth. In 1980 when Reagan was shooed into the oval office I knew that the murder's of JFK and Bobby Kennedy had been necessary precursors to the Elite's positioning of Reagan and papa Bush (an ex CIA character) in place to further their agenda. Clinton, while appearing to be a leftist took down Glass-Steagall as he was supposed to and the Elite's movement to transform American democracy into something more to their liking marched onward. When GW Bush appeared on the scene from day one I saw him for what he is. My surprise was never at his actions for they were logical moves toward fascism. My shock was that the American people were so blind to what was so obvious. George Washington Bush (what irony) was the first President to be appointed rather than elected. Over the years in preparation for such an opportunity the Elite had stacked the deck. They had seen to it that Supreme Court appointments were shills, right wing biased Elite sympathizers who like their masters viewed the middle class as Serfs/Peons. Their purpose was to further the Elite, Multinational Corporate goal of dismantling The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In the aftermath of GW's appointment to the office of President (rather than election) by a right wing Supreme Court of so called justices, carefully placed there over the years in preparation to further the goal of the dismantling of the Constitution. I was shocked and dismayed. How could the American people have fallen into such a stupor? Even the obviously homegrown act of 9/11 (which would never have happened if the American people had not complacently accepted the finding of the Warren Commission but forced the truth to the light of day) failed to register as pure bull crap. After over a year of the Bush White House doing it's damnedest to squash all attempts at any investigation a group of the family's of the victims via the use of the media brought enough pressure to bear that the Oval office gave in. The result of course was another fiasco like the Warren commission that obviously did far more to cover than uncover the truth. It has been the domino effect, which began probably even before the DuPonts and their kind attempted to overthrow FDR militarily.
    When Obama first reared his head, I saw him for exactly what he was (I thought) a black GW clone with a better vocabulary. Up until this year nothing he did came as a surprise. Now after reading "Dirty Wars" exposing J.S.O.C. and Obama's use of it I can no longer look at the man as just another bought and paid for politician but as the EVIL being he most certainly is. J.S.O.C. is essentially a Rouge agency operating with no oversight from Congress, the Justice Department or even the Pentagon. It is the Presidents private hit squad, carrying out his commands to kidnap, torture, murder and disappear innocents including women and even babies as well as an American Citizen without charge or trial. I must now consider that the fact that he has had people incarcerated and tortured without charge and held indefinably that he has surpassed his predecessor's crimes against humanity. Obama has had and continues to have people including an American killed for less reason than for what I write here. The fact that the T.S.A. has become so sure of it's power that it is threatening to arrest people for making jokes about its agents gives me some concern that I may leave this world even sooner than my Doctors expect. I am certain that there are hundreds, probably thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of others who for what ever reason know far more than I about the horrendous crimes being committed by those in control of what was once our country that say nothing due to fear for their careers. Perhaps even terror, for what they must surly know could happen to their families their own lives. This is the stuff that the Iron Curtain, Gestapo, KGB and SAVAK etc were made of. As for any real concern for my own safety I am an insignificant with a nonexistent audience. Then to I really don't want to be around to see the horrors of the end result of what America is bringing down upon itself and the world. No matter how great a Nation may rise to become the greed of EVIL MEN for power and money always bring it down in the end. Everyone who cares one iota about America, Truth and Justice should be required to read this book, but I would have to warn them that the truth exposed here is extremely painful to deal with.
  • Gabby1997 - Children DO COME WITH A MANUALWe have really awesome kids in every way except one. 'They ARGUE CONSTANTLY and we have been dealing with this for 7 years daily. 'When we received the Total Transformation on the first day we listened to the one minute CD and got INSTANT results. 'In the program we learned not to accept our children blaming us for their anger and issues. We learned how to walk away and not engage in long winded confrontational conversations. We became in control and not our children. 'This program isn't JUST for the really unruly out of control children. 'It's for EVERY child. 'There is something to learn in this program for EVERY parent no matter what stage of behavior their child is at. 'As a parent we have the fishing line and hook AND Total Transformation is the POLE. The program is worth EVEY penny and sooo much cheaper and way more effective than therapy. 'I highly recommend to parents to invest in this program and do what it says and you WILL see results. 'If you order the program under the Free Gift in exchange for filling out the survey do be aware that the survey is VERY long and takes time and effort but well WORTH IT.
  • creativedesigns - Awsome Pillow!!!I had purchased one for myself. My puppy and I fight over it. He loves it too. I purchased another "MY Pillow for my husband for his birthday. He absolutely loves it and he's a very picky person. These are great pillows if you have neck and spinal problems. They are so comfortable to lay your head on. It is quite commical though about my puppy and I fighting over who is going ot sleep on my pillow. I have to get him off of it so I can get to sleep. He's not stupid. He loves to lay on soft things. I don't blame him, I wouldn't want to lay on somehthing hard either. I should buy him his own "MY PILLOW." LOL.