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Country: Europe, SE, Sweden

  • Ineke gronholm - Fantastic product at a reasonable priceThe pet tracker was recommended to me by my agility instructor who has one on all six of her Border collies. We decided to buy it after our Weimaraner took off after a deer and was gone for eight hours in the middle of the winter...temperatures in the teens and a snow storm predicted.
    We have been very happy with the system. We hope to never need it but it gives us peace of mind.
    The tech support people are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, in fact, I just got of the phone with one of the reps who changed the tagg zone for me after our we returned home from our month long vacation in Colorado.
    I would highly recommend this system.... .it even measures the pet's activity level while you are away from home.

  • Julie Moorehead - It's needed book in the coding world.Anyone that is a medical coder knows these books are required to do your job. Amazon had a great price on it.
  • Heather M. Fell - A much-needed moment of "aaaawwwhhh!!" in my stressful daysOK, I never thought I'd be one of "those people" with pictures of cutesy little animals on my desk, but it has been a stressful year!! I've long been a fan of the Cute Overload website, checking in surreptitiously for an occasional fix of cuteness. Now I've outed myself as a consumer of cute by placing this calendar in a prominent location on my desk - and I have no shame about it.

    Part of my devious strategy was to gift this calendar to two colleagues who sit close to me. So now I'm just one more person with that cute calendar ;-)

    Great captions, often quite hilarious or slightly risque. Always tongue-in-cheek and amusing.

    Enjoy the cute, people!
  • R. J. Aagaard - Kaspersky Internet Security 2012The product installed easily and seems to be doing a good job. It runs in the background and has caught a few emails that had a virus attached. It's nice and "quiet," without a lot of screaming pop-ups like I was getting from my previous firewall, asking if I approved of the action being taken. No problems, so I guess it's doing it's job!