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  • Kevin "KP 2001" - What Do You Mean I Can't Bring My Milk???I approached the Airport Security Gate and fed my bags into the x-ray machine.
    "Sir," said the TSA agent, "is this your bag?"
    "You know it is," I replied.
    "There's no need to get testy sir," he said.
    The agent escorted me over to a side table.
    "Do you mind if I search your bag?" he asked.
    "What will you do if I say no?" I asked.
    "I'll take you in the back room and we'll strip search you," he replied.
    "Then by all means, go ahead and search," I said.
    The agent opened my bag and peered inside.
    "What do you call this sir?" the agent asked holding up a pair of nail clippers.
    "Those are nail clippers," I said.
    "I'm going to have to confiscate these," he said.
    "That's alright," I replied, "they sell them for a dollar in the store next to my departure gate."
    The agent looked at me with hate in his eyes. He looked back into my bag and pulled out my gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk.
    "Sir, you can't take this on the plane," he said.
    "Why not?" I asked.
    "Because, if you have more than three ounces of a liquid you could use it to blow up the plane," he said.
    I was astonished. I had no idea that Tuscan Whole Milk was so powerful.
    "May I drink it now?" I asked.
    "Yes," he said, "liquids are harmless once they are inside of you."
    I drank the entire gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk that I had purchased on while the people behind me grew increasingly inpatient.
    It was delicious.
    I did not blow up.
  • mick10793 - Love itThese are some extreme pills, after taking for the first week in, I was just a beast. I worked out every second I could. Before taking the DMZ I was 5'11 and weighed 118 lbs. After taking for the full 30 days (and skipping a few pills here and there) I now weigh 135.6. Not water weight, pure muscle weight. I've now been off of it for about a month now, and I'm still working out like when I was on it. It gave me the push I needed. I probably won't be re-buying simply because it gave me everything I wanted. working out is now apart of my everyday routine.

    A little side effect that I believe is noteworthy though, Anger did become more of an issue, I found myself getting extremely mad at things that shouldn't (Ex. I got extremely mad because I didn't know how to explain something properly to a friend), as long as you realize whatever you get mad about is stupid and let it go, you'll be fine. It's just the increase in hormones causing changes in mood.
  • GGinPA - Needs Updating for Today's TechnologyWhile the book has been the definitive resource for random numbers for the several decades since its original publication, it is seriously outdated. When the first edition was printed in 1955, we were still in the age of vacuum tubes and punch cards. How quaint that the list should be generated in base 10. For the 21st century, we need something beyond the mere reprinting of this archaic volume. In that spirit, I have undertaken the task of converting the random number list into hexadecimal, a more appropriate format for today's computers. It is, of course, critical that the two formats be precisely mathematically equivalent, preserving the true randomness of the list. Here are the first 50 digits, first in the original decimal and then in the new hexadecimal format. As can be seen, the two are perfectly equivalent representations of the values of those digits:

    Dec: 10097 32533 76520 13586 34673 54876 80959 09117 39292 74945
    Hex: 10097 32533 76520 13586 34673 54876 80959 09117 39292 74945

    I intend to publish this new list in the near future.