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  • Sharon Marrero - Why all the smack talk?I purchased a No-No twice. The first went back to HSN because I thought the same as everyone else. It didn't work. Then I noticed the hair actually was not coming back in spots, so I went back to HSN and purchased another. It DOES work. It takes time. I had a spot that it was not working on. I cleaned the tip and kept trying. Then I realized I had another set of tips so I changed to a new tip and that solved the problem. Yes, you smell the hair burning. What would make anyone think you wouldn't?? Yes, you buff away the crystalized hair. Why wouldn't you want to!!? Yes, use it often. I give myself breaks between treatments so what is going to grow back, will, then use it again. You'll notice less and less hair growing. I'm almost to the point of passing this one to my daughter with a supply of tips. Come on people!!!!! Just use it, charge it, clean it, change tips. It's a no-brainer. Geez!!!!!!!! Why all the smack?
  • david kfire - GreatI've always been a real soccer fan i think its better than pes or fifa when it comes to phones and tablets and this one isn't the exception
  • Katrina - On Switch?I'm having a difficult time finding the ON-OFF switch.
    I purchased this product about 6 months ago and have turned it upside down, right side up, and every which way imaginable.
    I may have a faulty product.
    It looks JUST like the one in the advertisement but unfortunately I can't turn it on.
    If there is a hidden switch and I'm just missing it please let me know.
    To date, I have allowed about 400 bananas to go to waste.
    I buy them in the hopes I will be able to use the banana slicer but it just sits there, flacid, and useless.
  • J. L. Comeau - Huge Improvement Over QuickBooks Pro 2012I have been using Quickbooks since I started my transportation corporation 18 years ago, and I was never really particularly fond of QuickBooks Pro 2012 because of the small icons. QuickBooks Pro 2013 has completely redesigned their layout and icons, making everything larger and more colorful, which is a biggest plus for this upgrade, in my opinion. Completely new to this software edition is a moveable taskbar that can be placed to the left side or across the top of the home page. Also, you may now edit your taskbar with often-used icons and new interactive apps that are downloadable for this product. Overall, this is a much more user-friendly QuickBooks Pro, and I'm looking forward to exploring the many new additions more fully as I work with it. Generally speaking, QuickBooks makes the best business software for small business users, and I really like this 2013 Pro upgrade.