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  • Librarian "Librarian, Writer, Beatle-Maniac" - An Open Letter to Erin Bowman!An open letter to Erin Bowman

    Dear Ms. Bowman,

    Yes, it's true. I did fall in love with Gray's story from page one. Before it sold. Before the beautiful cover and the incredible buzz. Before it became a book-shaped object on my nightstand. But you probably didn't know that each time I reread TAKEN, my excitement grew. The characters, the world, the SECRETS! All the twists and intrigue revolving around the Heist continue to thrill me even now, and it's so satisfying to see your debut polished and shining and ready for the rest of the world.

    Gray may have grown up in the sheltered world of Claysoot, but I know his path will lead him farther *and* further from everything he thought he understood. I know his heart is torn and that his dilemmas will only deepen that wound in the pages to come. His journey will put him on treacherous ground, in places dark and desolate, and all the while, I know he'll be compelled to make choices and take a stand against forces so much larger than himself. I know he'll learn that friends and foe aren't always what they seem, and that being human is a choice, and not just a birthright. I'm certain that he and everyone he fights for will never be the same.

    I can't wait for readers to take that journey with him.


    Your Constant Reader
  • Dr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant" - Women included only with top 1% of bindersThese binders are great but mine arrived without one single woman in it! I wonder if those women in Mitt's binders are the ones who held jobs Mitt/Bain sent overseas, Mitt's banking buddies foreclosed on their homes and his Wall Street buddies took their pensions and other savings so they have no place to live other than a binder? A binder, no less, that they can not even afford for themselves but have to live in one owned by a top 1% male? The binders are just full of those women that are not good at fiscal/financial responsibility and have to have housing provided for them because they can not protect their assets and themselves from being taken and controlled by the top 1%. They were tricked into having their attention focused on protecting $10 from going to vets for food and grandma for medicine while their homes and savings were being stolen. The difference between classes just keeps getting wider. Romney hopes someday to have 99% of all people in his binders.
  • Amber - Shark customer for life!I first bought the shark portable cleaner deluxe (all accessories) and fell in love with it. I told myself that Shark is a good brand so I bought this item.

    I have no words for how this vacuum except WOW. I swept my hard wood floor I'm the dinning room, kitchen, hall way and family room real well. In fact, I swept it better than I ever have do to wanting to see how well this vacuum would work based on the infomercial. I then used this vacuum and it got so much up! I didn't even see any dirt when I was done sweeping. I vacuumed up a TABLESPOON of dirt and a good hair ball of dog hair (a non shedding dog). A tablespoon of pure dirt and dust is a lot!

    I love how portable this is and how easy it is to break down and carry. In addition, this can be broken down and stored anywhere, including under your sink if you wish.

    My only complaint is, I wish the cord was longer, but I am just fine switching outlets as needed to accommodate this vacuum. Any other regular ole vacuum, nope, I'd be taking the vacuum back.

    I even took this vacuum to my grandmothers and mothers house and they both bought one within days.


    I now will be getting on Sharks website to see what other cleaning products I can buy and switch all my other brands to Shark.
  • Sonja - Perfect for Taking Care of BusinessI bought these and have found them to be the perfect solution to putting a foot up the arse of those politicians who think they have a right to dictate my medical choices for my body. I find them especially comfortable and warm when my legs are up in stirrups while the GOP searches in my vagina for jobs. The best thing about these shoes to me though is when I am able to use them to stand up for women's rights!