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  • Lori Crawford - Sandberg hits the mark on so many relevant topics!This book is a must read for all women! I'd give it a 5+ if I could. I'm actually listening to it for the second time and refer to it often. Sandberg is a brilliant author...she says it like it is. I completely relate to so many points she makes. I'm the type that tends to put myself out there and then will doubt myself for what I have said or done. Now, I hope to think twice about that and, even if I'm nervous, walk around with my head high and display confidence in all situations. Kudos to Sheryl Sandberg and her team...and all the women out there striving for strength and confidence in all areas of their lives!
  • Dorothy A. - Works great!!I had some annoying skin tags on my neck and shoulder. This stuff is a miracle drug I was waiting for it took them right off!! So happy because I felt embarrassed by them!! Loved it!
  • Jenni Lee - Best Foundation Ever!My best friend tried this make-up before I did. I only had to try it once and I went out and bought my own starter kit. It's wonderful! It's great for spot treatment or all-over cover. So many people think I am going natural when I actually have a full layer of make-up on. It is possible to put on too much, but that would be user error and not the make-up. The only con, is when I sweat in the summer, the bare minerals can cause a slight irritation. But it's not bothersome enough to stop using. I love it too much!