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  • Sherri F - I loved it!What a story and what courageous person Elizabeth is. I could not put the book down. Even knowing the ending did not discourage me from wanting to hear about her horrific ordeal. Written so well. Made me want to cry for her many times. I'm am so impressed that she never gave up and had the strength to survive. I wish her so much happiness
    Sherri F
  • CAF - Excellent! I must take antibiotics after a hip replacement due to an infection. Align repopulates my gut with good bacteria!I have to take antibiotics every day of my life due to an staph infection received at a hospital after a hip replacement surgery. My doctor recommened Align and I take it almost every day. I have not had the dreaded enteric infection that causes so many problems (extreme debilitating diarrhea) for people on antibiotics.

    I have been taking this product for 3 years and highly recommend it. The price listed here on Amazon was very good and it was delivered for free.

    I do keep a spread sheet on the cost of my meds and am constantly looking for competitive prices, balanced with convenience.