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  • A. Kindred - Wonderful, Inspiring - A Creative JourneyI love this journal.. I started out going about it as the companion book suggests, to write first thing in the morning, but that just became unreasonable at times - especially with children. But I did aim for three pages daily, and it just really helped to clear my mind and spark so much creativity. I ended up buying another journal and filled it up as well... Now journaling has become a must to me. I have over a dozen journals completely filled now and haven't stopped yet.
  • Leaf in the Wind - Finally Relief!I have been having digestive issues stemming from an ulcer I developed back in October, 2011. The ulcer finally healed, but I still was experiencing side pain and irregularity with my digestion. I have been healthy my whole life and had never had any issues like this (no IBS, no food allergies, nothing).

    I had been to countless visits to the doctor and gastroenterologist and finally in exasperation saw the TV commercial for this product and decided to give it a try.

    All I can say is WOW. Literally within 3 days of taking this pill daily in the morning, all my issues have been resolved. I am feeling good and back to myself again after nearly a year of pain and discomfort. These pills really work and I have never written a review on Amazon like this before, but because I am so amazed at this product, I wanted to make sure others knew about it.

    This stuff really works.