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Drug Study Institute - Drug Study Institute enrolls our patients in your drug studies as research subject volunteers in order to help you get your NDA from your IND from the FDA faster with easily verifiable data.


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  • Myrna Mclain "Workout Queen" - SweatBlockMy familiy member uses this, and she is finally able to wear cute tops because she no longer sweats profusly. We are very happy with this product and would highly reccomend it. We were considering surgery for her underarm sweating and now we won't have to do this drastic measure. THANK YOU for this product.
  • Stefanie C. Stromeyer - Samsung Galaxy TabI absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy. The price was very reasonable and it provides everything I need in the way of a tablet. I would definitly recommend the Galaxy Tab 2 for anyone looking for a first time tablet purchase.
  • CYBERDISC - So much hate. Shame... it really is a great game.I got this game a couple of days ago, and I'm very satisfied so far. Zero complaints about the looting and leveling system (very addicting btw, you always want to keep leveling to unlock runes and try new ability combinations. It looks great aesthetically, sound is great but I think DII had better sound (for its time) I don't like having to be online to play it but hey, if you are writing/reading reviews, that means you have internet right? so stop freaking complaining, geez. Sad people is sad. And multiplayer is also a breeze, really easy and fast to crawl dungeons with friends. Story isn't very spectacular. I'd five this game a 4 stars but since there's so much unjustified hate I'll give it that last star to help out the score. This people just make me feel bad for the game industry, what have we come to...
  • Ryan R - Get this Book Now before the Empire Bans It ForeverWhether you've jumped out of a hyper-lane and it is quite obvious that "It's a trap!" or you've got two Imperial-class ships on your tail after picking up some strange hitchhikers, How to Avoid Huge Ships will give you maneuvers, tips and tricks to get you out of seemingly impossible situations. Listen, I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything like this book before. You'll learn neat tricks like smuggling yourself on your own ship, attaching yourself to the garbage dump of a Capitol class star cruiser before it makes the jump to light speed and knowing when to dump your illicit cargo so that you and your co-pilot can live to fight another day. Will How to Avoid Huge Ships get you out of every potential jam every time? To quote a famed Correllian smuggler, "Hey, even I get boarded sometimes."