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  • phoenix*rising - this set is amazing. not sure why hasbro is short changing themselves thoughalso included in this set, but not pictured or mentioned anywhere on the packaging (for only god know's why not) are megatron in gun mode (that soundwave can hold), an energon cube (that fits on soundwave's chest), a viewscreen (that also goes over chest), plastic slipcases for all five cassettes, and rumble and frenzy's piledrivers. this set also has numerous features and easter eggs that are not mentioned in the instructions. be sure to check out reviews online (optibotimus on youtube is a great one) to discover all this set has to offer. even at the price this set is currently listed at, it's still a bargin. couldn't recommend higher.
  • L. Coe - Seems impossible- but it is the cureWhat can I say? I am the daughter of a doctor, so I did everything my doctors told me to do for 15 years: took prednisone, immurane, asacol, ate the "bland" diet. Why wouldn't I? They should know since my doctors work for a famous University. The result was I was sick 50-70% of every year. I was on predisone for 10 years straight. Then, Immurane for two years, but I was still sick several times a year. I gave up, went to the surgeon and was ready to end the years of suffering. I do not know how I found the website and this book, but I can only say I am eternally grateful! It has been a year. I am off all my meds for the first time in 15 years. I feel amazing: wokring out every day, starting a family, tons of energy. Elaine's committment to this diet and, therefore, to those who can benefit from it, is so incredible. If you are wondering if you should give it try, ask yourself what you have to lose. You have nothing to lose, except more days of your life lost to this unnecessary illness.
  • georgiporgie - Ever heard of a Virtual Keyboard?OK... If you are familiar with how Computers work, they get there instructions through the Keyboard. If a hacker or the like is able to implant what is called a "Keyboard Logger" program, they will be able to capture your keystrokes and read them later. YES- The Kaspersky team has figured out how to stop them and this is one of the MAIN reasons I buy this program. Kaspersky has developed a program called the "Virtual Keyboard". When you select it, a little Keyboard appears on your screen. When you type in your passwords, etc., the Kaspersky program SCRAMBLES each stroke BEFORE it is sent to the Keyboard buffer so when the hacker retrieves his or her Keyboard Logger LOG all they will see is SCRAMBLED letters... In my opinion, the program is worth the purchase price just for that alone...