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  • Lee Ann D'Amato - Get the Guy! For sure this time.I have been struggling in my relationships with men all of my dating life. So I was really looking forward to reading Get The Guy. It is an amazing book. Very well written and with great examples of positive things you can do to move yourself forward in the art of dating and relationships. Matthew Hussey is a man and has insight into how men think and how to be successful with them. This is not your run of the mill relationship book.
  • nono "N.N." - Don't want to be dramatic, but this stuff has changed my confidence!So i waited a while before writing a post, but I have to say I am very happy with this product.

    I have always struggled with breath issues, but was able to control it with obsessive levels of oral hygiene, which included brushing multiple times a day, always carrying mints and gum. God forbid I was caught without gum or mints, I would be really self conscious. Most recently things got worse. Gum and mints made my breath worse, Listerine made my breath worse. I would brush my teeth and floss and it was like I had done nothing. My morning breath was also really bad. My hubby who is the kind of person that never gets bad breath told me I smelled like I was rotting from the inside. I started to get depressed and self conscious, so I started researching. I spoke to a friend who is a nutritional scientist and did a major overhaul. I took digestive enzymes, and intestinal probiotics she suggested to help be produce more saliva and digest my food better. That helped a little, and provided comfort after eating, but I still wasn't feeling as fresh as I wanted.

    Finally, I found Dr. Katz's stuff. I did the oral probiotics starter pack and the mouthwash. At first I thought the stuff was just okay, but I stuck with it. A couple of weeks in, it's like a miracle. My morning breath is gone, and my breath is neutral...it smells like nothing, which is what I always wanted! I don't gargle as much as prescribed, I use enough to coat my mouth. I do like combining it with the toothpaste that was provided in the probiotic starter pack, but it was small. I found Arm and Hammer has a very similar toothpaste for much cheaper. My routine is to brush with A&H Hydrogem Peroxide and Baking Soda paste, and rinse out the paste with this mouthwash. I am just so happy that I don't have to be so self conscious anymore. The probiotics say you may have to use them again, but I will wait and see. I also have some oral probiotic tablets from NOW that hold me over and taste like Strawberry.

    I experienced no aftertaste, in fact it is nearly tasteless. I prefer this as it does not burn like Listerine. I say give it a try, and give it several weeks before making a verdict. It took me a couple of weeks for my mouth to neutralize. I have to say my breath smells/tastes so good right now that I almost feel like i don't need it, but I don't want to take the risk. Definitely give it a try if you are like I was and at a loss with traditional oral care products.
  • Tim O - Works as advertisedI tried many different anti-antiperspirants but nothing ever truly worked. I was forced to always wear under shirts and then ended up with the annoying yellow stains. This product really does stop the sweating. For me personally, it lasts for the full 7 days with no problem. I do still use a scented deodorant (not anti-antiperspirant) every morning but no need for anything else. It's a little tough to remember to use it every 7 days so I just set an alarm on my phone.
  • C. Jackson - Great GameBought this game this weekend installed it, created my online account and started playing.

    The game is simplistic but fun and I really had a blast playing it.

    Seems all the negative reviews are from people protesting the DRM and do not even own the game so I guess look at reviews for people who actually played/bought the game I guess.