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  • Linda G. Steenman - Back-Pain Victims - there's hope!Esther Gokhale's book is a must have for anyone with spine problems, back or neck pain. I have had chronic low back and neck pain for many years and have tried various therapies, chiropractic, accupuncture, massage, exercises, etc., none of which helped. I was about at the end of my tether when I read an article in the newspaper about Esther, her background and the research that went into writing this book. Esther's methods are simple and take very little time to do. They are based on correct posture and movement and can be easily incorporated into your daily life. I have never experienced such quick results from what seems like such little effort. I highly recommend this book.
    Linda Steenman
  • john tuomi - Not just for PMSJust thought I'd put in my two cents here. I routinely carry this product in my desk, on my nightstand and in my car. Believe it or not, this pill helps mitigate migraines. I have taken and given these to many co-workers, both male and female when they've had migraines with excellent success. Of course, I've had to hide the bottle from the males the first time they take it ( I guess they're afraid they'll start spotting or something). Once their headaches/migraines are gone, I usually tell them what they took.
  • R. Mclain - Great Portable NavigatorWe recently took a 1000+ Mile trip and this unit worked great. The turn by turn and lane features work very well. Never took us off course. I would have liked to be able to pick a different route on one let of the trip like you can on google maps by dragging the route to the roads you want to take but overall, it's a great pick.
  • Keating Gore - Healthy EatingTrying my first order of RAW Meal. There are many comments in the reviews about the horrible taste of this product. I don't find it horrible. I mix it in a blender with 1/2 banana and some organic fruit juice. Often I add some whey protein. If it thickens up, I just add a little more juice. I have also tried VEGA, VEGA One, and Nature's Harvest. Green, whole food drinks are all similar and perhaps an acquired taste. My sister makes fun of me because she thinks it tastes terrible and she doesn't like the color of green drinks. It tastes like a green smoothie to me. Just consider the results, better functioning digestion, more energy, overall better health.