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  • Austin Hudson-Lapore - Great if you like word puzzlesI like this calendar quite a lot. There are some legitimate criticisms - the majority of the puzzles are not really "Mensa-level," as they are either too easy or require facility with wordplay or pop culture rather than legitimate intelligence. The calendar is also dominated by the word-based puzzles, leaving little room for other types of brain teasers. All that said, though, I'm genuinely impressed by the variety and ingenuity of the puzzles. Too many of these page-a-day calendars have only a limited set of puzzles that are rehashed a couple of times per month with only small variations. In this one, though, some of the puzzles are very clever and quite unique. For example, one puzzle gave you a few sets of five seemingly arbitrary words each. The task was to figure out rhymes for each word such that the five rhymes all fit together into a category. That is, you would be given a list like "blue pork warts gleams: hankies, sweats, fix, defiance" and the answer would be "New York sports teams: Yankees, Jets, Knicks, Giants." Really fun, interesting, unusual puzzles like that, combined with the fact that the bulk of the more "standard" puzzles are pretty good in their own right, are what makes this calendar worth buying, and probably will again for the 2013 edition.
  • Apostolic - Awesome "Prime" The name says enoughAfter having owned the Galaxy Tab 10.1" and the 7" From Samsung.
    And spending hours exploring the other Android tablets available and an Ipad both in reviews and hands on.
    The Asus Transformer Prime With Android 4.03 is appropiately named, Transformer "Prime" ,as in Prime rib = Prime tablet.
    The speed difference alone in the Prime compared to others available is evident in everyday use of app launching or something as simple in keyboard response (NO Lag)
    The Samsung galaxy Tabs offer a pleasant screen, which is one of the main reasons for purchasing my first Galaxy Tab.
    But I can honestly say the Asus Tf201 Transformer Prime Display is Beautiful.
    My 25" hd HP monitor doesnt display blacks or contrast with the readability of the Prime
    If you are considering an Android Tablet I can highly recommend The Asus
    And for anyone Not familiar with the ASUS name "Asus" has been building computer motherboards along with other major components for over 25 years.
    I have owned my Transformer Prime for about a month.
  • ChickenGirl "Christine" - GREAT PRODUCE, DOES WHAT IT CLAIMSOK, OK, it is not a topic we like to discuss with strangers. But here it goes:
    I bought this product after being bound up for a week. I started Weight Watchers and my system was not used to so many veggies at once. I tried Metamucil, totally did not work and made the situation worse! I was in Trader Joe's and thought $9.99, why not give SCC a try. I started with 3 capsules to see if it would work. After about 3 days, boy did it work! I now take 4/5 at night. I can get away with 3 capsules also, but taking the full daily suggest amount, you'd never leave the restroom.
    Now I find that if I do not take these, I'm in trouble and bound up again after about 4 days of not taking them. I take the tables with the acidophilus in them and I think that is the key. I tried the same brand with out the acidophilus and it did not seem to work as well.
  • Paulo - My review is an open letter to the authorI”'ve come to know about this work, specially the book, by a full page reporting in an important newspaper from Brasil.

    The images had such a strength, that I immediatly went to Amazon's page and ordered the book.

    Well, it arrived today and having the book in hands is such an incredible experience. I mean, the images, printed, are so beatiful and full of emotion, that it surprised me again.

    As an amateur photographer, I think portrait is the most noble (and the most difficult) kind of pictures to make. Precisely because it's so “invasive” and the subjects must permit this “invasion” of the lens. It's kind of seduction the photographer must do, to get the cumplicity of the subject. And the author did it so well!!!

    It comes out of the photos the relationship the author got with those people (and those animals, too).

    And the photos are touching precisely because of that; because of the human relationship (even with the dogs) that we can feel between Brandon and them.

    The love the author has for what he chose to do goes to his subjects and reach who see these photos.

    And that's what art and people are about: love!”
  • CaspersMommy33 - Great investment for Peace of Mind!One of our three dogs went missing two weeks ago and was gone for six days. He was not wearing a collar when he disappeared from our back yard. During that time, I was so mad at myself for not having his collar on him and was worried beyond belief that I would not see him again. Luckily, he made his way back home.

    Upon his return, I vowed to do everything in my power to prevent any of our dogs from disappearing again. To that end, I purchased new tags for all of them with tons of identifying info. I then purchased this TAGG system on Amazon and two additional pet collars from the TAGG website. Below is my review.

    The devices were incredibly easy to setup, and the online tutorial to activate the collars and register the dog's information was very simple.

    We receive text and email notifications if any of the following occurs: the tracking device falls off the dog's collar, the tracking device needs to be recharged, the dog has strayed from the home area.

    We also get daily updates that each dog is within the home area and safe. If the dog does stray outside the home area, we get text and email notifications telling us the dog's location. Today when we took one dog to the vet, I received a text telling me he was at a certain location and I knew he was at that exact location because he was with me at the time.

    So I definitely recommend this to all you doggie mommas and daddies. Please don't wait until your dog goes missing to purchase this device. It is well worth the investment to have this peace of mind for your pets!