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  • Karen S Lightfoot - Another fine thought provoking novel by Dan BrownI really liked the multi-faceted characters in this novel. I loved that the very smart women worked together in the end with the other nerds to save the world and promote evolution. I recommend this novel to anyone who believes in thinking. I gave it 5 stars because Sienna rocks, warts and all.
  • RandomK - Slick TabletJaw dropping performance, decent battery life (absolutely unmatched if using the dock), removable storage, HDMI out, ICS, and one of the best tablet screens around. Went to this from a TF101 (another great tablet) and it was a solid upgrade. It cannot be overstated just how much ICS improves upon prior Android versions. It's like the difference between Windows 95 and Windows 7, so if you've tried Android in the past and found it lacking in polish it's time for another look. This thing is Sexy with a capital S. Don't be a sheep, try this baby out and you will never look back.

    I haven't had any GPS issues, though many have reported problems. Asus has said they are working to correct the issue, and I would take their word for it given my experience with their other products (laptops, desktop and server motherboards, etc). That said, if GPS is critical to your selection in a tablet I would probably look elsewhere, as I don't expect the TF201 will ever be perfect in this regard. More Tegra 3 tablets will be available soon, or you could borrow your grandparent's iPad.
  • LOVE IT - Great tool for anyone to learn Civil 3DFor anyone looking for a quick and on point brush up, or just to learn how to work your way around Civil 3D. Back in college, besides a freshmen graphics class, and computer Apps, there was not really much time to learn this program. Let just say, in two weeks I learned and master Civil 3D!! Get it you will as well.
  • James F. Gilmore "1whomakesthecoffee" - VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever - never more than an arms reach awayThis is the third edition we've bought for the family room. This well laid out reference book on films will answer your questions, help settle the bets, and keep you from renting a stinker, unless you want to. Very reasonable and honest evaluations of the quality of the films reviewed within. At least our household is on the same page more often than not with the authors. In this on-line world, it's nice to be able to heft the info.
  • R. Riggs - Works like a charmInstalled this in an EeeBox B202 to replace a failing OCZ Vertex. I was surprised at the limited lifetime of the Vertex -- it lasted less than 2 years. This installed quickly and easily, and the performance is as fast as I expected. Installed Linux on the new drive and restored my files. The computer runs like new and I'm happy. Crossing my fingers that I don't have to replace this in another two years.