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  • Nerhtoc - Dark and disturbingThis is one of the darkest books I have ever experienced. Every page of the book is a struggle for existence in a bleak world obviously dying and deteriorating before humanity can catch up with it. I have read many disturbing books in the past but none have given me as sick a feeling in my stomach as this one. That is not a complaint. The fact that this book moved me in such a way is a triumph to Cormac McCarthy's genious. The story is gripping and violent and not for the faint of heart. It is a horror novel but not in the typical aspect one would think. This novel will terrify you and frighten you but it will also reach into your insides to both wrench them and tear at them with agony and with sadness. I cannot remember ever having a novel bring me to tears before but I have to admit that this one did. The emotional wearing down of my psyche from this novel was something that took me a few days to get over and I doubt if I will ever lose the impact this novel delivered to me. Read this book at your own risk. It will affect you one way or the other.
  • Anita Kelly "Neets" - CrossroadsRadclyffe has once again brought to life two very passionate characters who find each other as they encounter their daily struggles through life. She has introduced two new characters into the scene at the Philadelphia Medical College Hospital. Other favorite characters also have starring roles in this book. It is classic Radclyffe romance and no one can do romance like Rad. And it is always great to "see" the sites of nearby Philly and it's surrounding areas in Rad's medical series.
  • Rafael K. Rodriguez - Good Product; Fantastic Support!I don't normally write reviews for products but I feel that Wifi baby and the business supporting it are worth it. We have tried multiple systems and all seem to have certain shortcomings but this product has all of the essential features that we were looking for. We wanted good image clarity, good sound, multiple camera capability, remote monitoring (while away from house from smart phone/devices), and support to help if/when issues come up. A previous reviewer mentioned that the screen is split when you have multiple cameras; while this is true, that is just one way to view the video feed, all you do is just tap on the camera you want to focus on and it will be full screen, or you can even do a picture-in-picture view. This product is a bit higher in cost than some, but it really isn't if you consider the amazing support that you receive. While I am happy with all features of this product, I would say by far the best aspect, is the amazing help and support the company offers. They helped us set-up everything at whatever time was good for us, which is later in the evening for us due to work and baby schedules. No other company is this flexible. And even months after the initial set-up, we made a mistake on one of the settings and they were more than happy to fix it for us. Yes, there are some other products with more/different features, but the wife and I truly feel this is the best value out there. Hope this helps.
  • MrLook4justice - Thank you for keeping watch on this countryA studied examination of how the history of policing is performed. It continues to reveal how policing has encircled, entwined, and constricted our United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, while politicians aid and abet it. It is common knowledge that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Bradley Ralko shows where power given to the police is coming from: Our government and its silent financial grants. There is no conspiracy here. It may be unqualified judges, anemic politicians kowtowing to lobbyists, and a uniformed public. Be that as it may, “Warrior Cop” exposes our failing of the watchers of our rights, as it would appear they have turned to the power of might.
    Using slogans of “war,” our politicians have used the verbal cross-hairs of that term on our citizens to tragic consequences. Politicians provide enormous financial grants of money and military supplies to police departments, no matter how provincial they are, where they use them and excessive force against our citizens. The book reveals how the police departments explicitly use that money, flagrant ignorance of the Constitution, and militarized weaponry to invade, intimidate, and literally shoot and kill innocent citizens with impunity.
    I believe that this book may be the most tragic drama written in the United States in that it may infer that citizens could be implicitly overcome by surreptitious grants of government money and explicitly violence-driven “warriors,” who have neither respect nor a faculty for the citizen.
    We need to watch the watchers (“Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?”) I would have been fulfilled with a solution to this egregious policing problem of violent militancy: A chartered Federal police that polices the police.
    Excellent book.