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  • Read P. Gendler - " Discovering Classical Pilates" by Peter Fiasca"Discovering Classical Pilates" is ESSENTIAL reading for anyone who wants to grasp the true intent and authentic technique of the Pilates Method . Peter clearly and passionately explains why pure, classical Pilates is the most effective and efficient application of the method. Having been a classical Pilates instructor for the past 13 years, I could not agree more that any so-called "contemporary" approach is a diluted, inaccurate portrayal of the method, nothing more than "lies for sale". This book is a labor of love for which I applaud and thank Peter Fiasca for his dedication to preserving the true Classical Pilates Method.
    By Read Gendler, Bodyproof, Inc.
  • L. Heald - Gift for 3rd year medical studentI gave this to my daughter who is a 3rd year medical student. It was recommended by my friend who is a pediatric pharmacist. Very good resource- easy to understand.
  • Stephanie qoiy - a dose of sanity in today's crazy dating worldMatthew gives fantastic advice that helps me (and my girlfriends, since I recommended him) not only make contact with and attract the guys we want, but also lead more fulfilling lives so that desirable guys actually pursue US! My love life is so much more satisfying since Matthew became a part of it!
  • Matt W - It got me a job...kind of...okay not really, but it probably helpedFor the past months, I have been job hunting. Lately, I have been getting about 3 interviews a week.

    At my last interview of the week, I walked into the man's office and we began to talk like any other interview. I had just eaten lunch before meeting with him and he was just finishing his lunch when he brought me into his office. After 15 minutes of talking he ended the interview and wanted to just chat with me as a person to see how I was doing and where else I was looking for work. Since this part of the talk was less formal, he began to grab something out of his lunch box to eat. You guessed it, he grabbed an apple. After eating that, he grabbed a banana (did I get you?). The topic changed to apple peelers because he has a fake front tooth from a college accident where he face planted while drunk. This reminded me that I had the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer with me. So when he started to eat his banana, I mentioned that I had it with me and how much I liked it and how often I use it. He decided to try it and loved it, so I offered to give it to him and he gladly accepted. Evidently he had seen the reviews online and had always wanted to try it, but never got around to ordering it (I think he is a bit afraid of online shopping).

    Long story short, he told me that the job was mine! Likely, it wasn't just the banana slicer that got me the job, but it was a bonding moment that I know I will always remember with my new boss.