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  • Paul Esler - The triumph of moralityIt's difficult to put into words the impact that this book had on me. I rarely do this, but I read the book in less than a day. I literally could not put it down. I wanted to see what happened to the characters around the next bend in the road, in the next abandoned house or over the next hill. The story builds a sense of foreboding but at some point you begin to understand what the story is truly about and you just have to keep reading to confirm.

    The style of writing takes some getting used to. The characters have no names. Their story is utterly depressing and some of their encounters are absolutely horrifying. However, there is an underlying story of hope and love, and an exploration of what it takes to survive beyond the physical. This is a book that truly examines the extremes of what humans are capable of, evil and good, and ultimately left me with a feeling of optimism for the survival of humanity and the triumph of morality
  • blessedmommy2013 - it works!!i have concieved twice using this product both times only using a month supply with a couple pills left over because i stop once i miss period! hoping for a 3rd :) will be using this product again if not already pregnant me n hubby wanted to try once without using anything its only been a month of trying so wel see! baby dust to everyone and congrats to all the mothers to be!!
  • Rebecca Moriero - Money and time saver.We drink a lot of mineral water, red bull and Mexican Coke at home. Since I don't have a car, it can get really annoying to stop after work or school and jump on the bus with a bag full of glass bottles of Pellegrino or others. This machine will make my life so much easier.
    Their regular flavors are not great. However their naturally sweetened (Sucrose and not those other unholy sweeteners) Cola and having sparkling water on demand make this worth it. You can also use other syrup brands. I have been using the Cuisinart Energy to make Red Bull. My only gripe would be that the assembly of the button feels cheap, but once you get the hang of it, it works very well. Now I can make a Mexican Coke clone and Red Bull at home.
  • skypryne - impressed, on almost mint BMW M5I used this on a very limited list of parts on a nearly mint E39 BMW M5. I wax the exterior, leather condition the seats, and clean the dash with other products. I did use this on my;

    windshield wiper arms, flat black plastic
    Head light washer nozzles, flat black plastic
    Kidney Grills, glossy black plastic

    These parts were sun faded and cleaned up easily. Application is a breeze. The parts look great. We will see how long it holds up. The product instructions imply it cures like a 1 stage paint or epoxy. They say to wipe up mistakes immediately, or it must be polished off. So take your time.
    Didnt need much fluid. No wonder they send you a tiny bottle. It goes very very far.
    If this holds up well, I will use it on my windshield trim.
    I think my girlfriend paid $25 from a as seen on TV store. Considering how much Ive spent on quality car care products I think the price seems justified, but time will tell how it holds up.
    People whining about costs should check out professional detail supplies. Nothing good comes cheap.