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  • Lynda Beaner - Great perspective on how to have a more meaningful lifeThis book uses story form to bring important life values into clear focus. It caused me think with a different perspective about how to move toward being more successful and how important it is to use the results of success to reach out to help other people.

    This book would be a great resource for anyone wishing to have a more meaningful life.
  • Toni - So far so good!After a fair amount of research, including the OK from a relative who used to design medical devices and dealt with the FDA, I bought the Tria about a month ago. Per the instructions, I have used it twice. At first I was only planning on doing my legs but since I had battery power left the first time, I've decided to do my arm pits as well. I am already noticing a decrease in the hair growth on my legs. I have not noticed much of a difference yet on my arm pits. However, I am using the lightest setting ("1") on my arm pits since it is pretty delicate skin. I also use "1" on the bikini line. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and so I was surprised that I stopped at "4" for my legs. I suspect after a few more sessions, as there are less follicles to zap, I will be able to increase it to the maximum "5" setting. The description of it feeling like a rubber band being snapped against your skin is a very good one. Several of those, fine. A half hour of that? That's why I'm at "4." As for the battery life, I am able to do my pits and bikini line on "1" and then my thighs down to just below my knees on "4" before I run out of battery. Doing my shins and calves and feet on "4" uses about half of the second charge.

    The size of the treatment area is about the size of a dime. My second session went faster, with about 30 minutes for the pits and upper legs and maybe 15 for the lower legs.

    My only complaint so far, and it is a minor one, is that the unit starts to feel a bit heavy and awkward after awhile.

    Over all, so far I am very pleased with my purchase and am even happier with its cost savings compared to going to a salon.
  • Linda M. Smith - Job Hunter's BibleThis is THE book for Job Hunters. I buy it annually. New "Hard Times" edition for 2010. Richard N. Bolles really knows his stuff. He takes reader feedback every year (by a deadline) to input into future editions. READ THIS and follow all instructions if you are out of work or hate your job. READ THIS even if you are employed and/or wish to start your own business. Yes, Bolles addresses would-be Entrepreneurs/esses, too!