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  • judip - back ache greatly helped with Gokhale methodAfter reading Esther's excellent book, which was recommended to me by my daughter, I began applying her techniques and have had great relief ongoing. I was also blessed to attend one of her weekend seminars/workshops with her instructing a group of 10 of us. So we had hands-on guidance from Esther. She is very clear in her teaching. We had instruction in a very relaxed and fun environment...with much discussion and questions being answered. I highly recommend this book and method...it is inexpensive and easily understood. My results have been amazing!
  • S. R. Keegan "srkeegan" - Perfect for Foreclosure Notices and Job Rejection Letters!I now live in Reno, Nevada, where half the homes are under water and about a quarter of my neighbors have lost their homes. I recommend this binder to store all the threatening letters they get from creditors and to keep track of all their foreclosure notices, so they know when the Reno Police Department will show up on their door and make them move.

    I also recommended it to my sister, who has been out of work for the past three years. She likes to store the rejection letters she gets on a weekly basis. It also helps her keep track of the anti-depression medications she has had to be put on so she won't kill herself. Since suicide is up 25% over the past two years, we have been very concerned about her.

    It has absolutely helped with the real problems she faces. Not so much the manufactured ones.
  • Brian Wallace (Co-author of It's Not Your Hair) - Tripping the lights fantasticA scintillating and largely fulfilling little tale that dabbles in mythology, religion, psychoactive substances, history and the overwhelming powers of the human mind. Pinchbeck writes with a uniquely creative and insightful bent that makes every page worth relishing. One must be adventurous to step into this realm of drawing ties between seemingly disparate things and be willing to undergo a metamorphosis of thinking. Pinchbeck challenges the reader to awaken to a profoundly altered state of reality, but one that is painstakingly, elegantly and reliably limned out by this masterful writer, seer and visionary. Pinchbeck is the voice of a generation and boldly risks a mainstream journalism career - not to mention putting his very sanity on the line - to reveal his findings from the bleeding edge of consciousness. To the stoic naysayers who cringe at "fringe ideas," bear in mind that Pinchbeck approaches his subject with the precision of a scientist - willing to objectively assess his findings and offer them up to others for critical review. Yes, there is some fanciful, but very fruitful, musing over outlandish topics. Then again, you will find lots of piercing analysis of plausible theories that explain certain mysteries. Just don't be close-minded. Open your mind to the insights, the synchronicities and the revelations. Pepper your brain with these electrically-charged ideas.

    Some have said that this work seems like a string of magazine articles. I didn't get that impression at all. I felt a nice cohesiveness and continuity to this project that goes well beyond the quick soundbite-oriented articles offered up by the likes of GQ and Esquire.

    Pinchbeck offers an interesting quote by Rainer Maria Rilke that I believe serves as a fitting parallel to his own adventurous and heroic stance: "Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels' hierarchies?"

    Keep on crying out, Daniel, for the modern angels are listening!
  • Gil Gildner - Just Makes a Little "Pooooof"My grandmother bought this for me because she's always thought I was smart enough to improve the state of radiation therapy today. Little did she know that I decided to build my own nuclear warhead. I tested it in my backyard and it just went "poooof" a very quiet "poooof". Not weapons-grade uranium. :(

    And trust me, from experience, mutation is not cool. I have no use for this extra pinkie toe.
  • W. Berry - Must have for those of us with sweaty underarms!I have dealt with sweaty underarms and wet shirts for a long time, even from just typing here on the computer. When I finally felt that it was enough, I started reviewing my options. Sweatblock seemed to be a simple yet effective solution. I have used it for 2 years now. It does not cause any irritation or discomfort. It is really simple to apply, and it works for at least a week (the product says up to a week), for me. I have no sweaty underarms, and it really is a confidence booster when your shirts for work (or whatever) are not wet! I even notice a decrease in sweat production when working out. I highly recommend this product, and don't be like me where you get lazy sometimes and forget to apply it each week. It has made a huge difference for me!