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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: Brisbane, Queensland

  • Tonya "Tonya" - Better than the BJCM.I just sold my 2011 Baby Jogger City Mini to get this :) SO SO SO glad that I did!! Yes it does look the same but its NOT!! Britax has made very nice improvements and made this stroller a lot more user friendly.
    - The tray has swivel arms so you can lie it flat in a bag or in your trunk.
    - The basket is so much easier to get at (they both hold about the same amount, Britax maybe more).
    - The stroller locks automatically!!! I could never even get my BJCM to lock because the lock was too short.
    - The brakes are a dream come true! I can work them bare foot, so they will work easily with any type of shoe on.
    - The safety lock to fold is much easier to press as apposed to un doing snaps on both sides of the BJCM.
    - The foam cover over the handle feels alot better on my hands than the rubberized one on the BJCM.
    - The harness is a lot better and easier to adjust. Although it is tougher to unbuckle compared to the BJCM.
    - The lift/lower mechanism on the Be-Agile is easier to adjust because all you do is pull or push, no squeezing while you tighten.
    - I also think the seat is more padded for my daughter.
    - The back bottom bar that holds the basket up is curved so I dont kick it when I walk. Im 5'8 and leggy so I appreciate that ;)

    All in all I really like this over the Baby Jogger version. It looks the same and prices are about equal but it just seems like you get a nicer stroller with Britax because of all the improvements they took the time to make. And Im not trying to bash Baby Jogger at all because if they would have made these improvements I would have bought this stroller from them :) Im not loyal to one brand over another I just buy what works best for me and my family.

    I forgot to add that both the BJCM and the B-Agile have buttons to pop the wheels off when your storing it. They are both equally easy and I do this almost every time I put it away so it stores nice and flat in my small trunk. Such a wonderful feature for any stroller!! Especially if the wheels are muddy or wet!
  • Kimmy Sue - Made such a difference!I'm apparently one of the "silly" ladies who loves this product as per a previous comment from a clearly ignorant review. This has made such a difference for me. I used to get horrible irritation and discomfort after my period and after sex and I found out that it could be a result of a ph imbalance so I gave this a try after my doctor suggested it. I use it right after my period or sex and it totally solved my problem. My husband is much happier now that we don't have to wait days between due to my issues! I highly recommend it.
  • James Hughes - Cool new concept!I got this to try for free from Smiley360.com. I cannot give a review on if this product actually works or not since it has not yet been used. I actually gave this to my mom because she suffers from cold sores. She is super excited to try this products because it is very sanitary since your fingers don't actually have to touch the sore. She is also happy that it is a one dose applicator and it's by a brand she has trusted for years.