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  • NaughtiLiterati - For the winter hermits especially! All ages, all sizes.When it's cold out, I *hate* to leave my house. I scurry home or am pushed along by the wind and then I don't leave out until morning, which comes way too soon as always (though I'm always glad to see it). But when I know I will not do so don't even bother is join a gym because my work day is too long. This is where Your Shape Fitness comes in. There are so many different types of workouts that you are never bored and best of all, you are already home and doing your part to take good care of yourself in the colder months so you can step outside in the spring in full occupation of your sexy! When you're finished your personalized workout, you reward yourself with a shower, a slice of red velvet cheesecake and bed. LOL I have had this game for about a month and between watching what I eat and doing this three times a week, I've lost eight pounds! It's perfect for those short on time AND energy, young or old. But if they're young, too young, then they had better get off that Gears of War and start with this first.
  • charliebcc "charlie" - Works Great.I bought this to use in my Asus Transformer 300 tablet. I use it primarily for movies. And it is a pleasure to use. It streams the movies to my tablets like they were stored on the tablet itself instead of on an SD card. If you are viewing movies, this is the card.