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  • A Vacuous Wall Flower - Skinny Fit WomenSadly, some of my fellow reviewers have been lamenting the difficulties one has getting enough women bound up in this durable product to win one's gold stars for paternal generosity. Well, my friends, do I ever have the perfect solution for you! The volume problem really only comes up if you think of your quarry as a collection of whole people. No worries, though, because squirming arms and legs are easily put in their place! Instead of enduring the challenge of reading entire resumes and, God forbid, evaluating the subjects as unobligingly unique and complex beings, close your eyes, click your heals, wipe your mind clear of any vestiges of reality, and picture what you want to see. Now, take that image (and make sure you keep your eyes closed extra tight!), and stamp it on whatever insubordinate wanderer approaches. And stamp it good! Flatten every pesky pound of flesh, squash any beating heart, crush each synapsing neuron, and you will form the perfect, two dimensional picture of the "female" stock character of your choosing, say the trembling damsel in distress, the quietly obedient wife, the hearth-bound mother, the smiling old biddy, or (even better!) the delectable, mindless harlot, ever ready for your taking. When everything gets still and quiet again (you may need to airbrush wrinkles or stray hairs out of the way first), you've earned the right to cut out whichever manageable paper dolls your whimsies favor, paste on some flattering dresses, and put them in frames on your desk or hang them on that wall above the water cooler. Now, my friends, you may pat yourselves heartily on the back and relax, for you will always know that they are disposable, replaceable - pleasing for the moment, but forgotten the next time you blink an artistic, deliberately blind eye. Indeed, you can slip endless numbers of those lovely, weightless projections in plastic page protectors inside your inflexible binder.
  • Lucia Hansen - wonderful tool!I am a 3rd year resident and I totally love the ECG Pocket Brain book. I can say it saved me so many times during my first year of residency, and it is still super useful now. It is quick information, user-friendly, written in a way that stays in your brain forever....just perfect!! I recommend it to all my colleagues, and it is always in my pocket."
    Lucia Hansen, MD (3rd Year Family Medicine Resident, Dept. of Community Health & Family Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Florida )
  • Kristina - Banana slicer>cancerI was given the unfortunate news that I had developed cancer. 6 months later I ordered and received the Hutzler 571 banana slicer (discreetly packaged) in the mail. At my next doctor's appointment no trace of cancer was to be found! Coincidence? I think not.

    UPDATE: the Hutzler is razor sharp; please make this slicer less sharp. I seemed to have mistaken my fingers for bananas and sliced my index into tiny bite-sized delicious banana nuggets. I keep making this mistake over again and now am left with nubs on my left hand and one partially disfigured thumb on my right. Will the next iPhone app update address my concern?
  • Jennifer Baumgardner - Great work outThis is a fantastic work out. I don't have the time or motivation to follow it exactly as you are supposed to, but if you do, I can imagine you'll get great results. Even with using it less frequently than recommended, I can really feel it work on my muscles, and it's a pretty fun and engaging work out.