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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Amsterdam, North Holland

  • Tomi-Rocket - Best guide out thereThis is my third edition of the Passporter Guide. I decided after my first one that I would buy one for each year we go to WDW. I couldn't wait to get the 2013 and then read front to back. It did not disappoint. This is simply the best guide book out there. I bought a different one I didn't like as much and have perused through yet another one that I did not buy. The Passporter, to me, is the most comprehensive guide you can get. From the parks to the resorts to the food to all there is to do along with information on traveling and their great, great tips, you just can't go wrong planning a vacation with this book. And it also makes a wonderful keepsake after your trip.
  • Sue Katz "Honey Bee" - Not a panacea but works for meLet me first say that I'm in relatively good health and I don't struggle with the serious GI conditions mentioned here (e.g., IBS, Crohn's). What I do struggle with is keeping my weight down (always fighting that 10-15 pounds) and a weakish immune system (allergies). Due to a variety of factors (diet, stress, travel, etc), I have been struggling with my weight and with my allergies more than ever in the last 6 months. This has been complicated by bloating, distention, and constipation.

    I know my body well and I knew that something wasn't quite right. I went to my doc, complaining of my relatively innocuous symptoms. Doctor strongly recommended an anti-inflammation diet (basically, a diet centered on whole foods and healthy oils), better sleep habits, and relaxation techniques. I noticed improvement after about a week and plateaued after about a month. But then, a coast-to-coast trip and all those things that go with travel & stress, basically put me into a position WORSE than when I made behavioral changes ... and added another 5 pounds.

    What to do, what to do. I tried Align. The first few days were rough but I didn't give up.

    It's been ten days now, and I feel great! My bloating & distention are nearly gone, the excess water weight is gone, and I'm almost back to regular bathroom habits. In addition, I have lost a whopping 9 pounds. I am still following doctor's advice on an anti-inflammatory diet, and seeing these changes has actually helped me and motivated me to continue to do so.

    Align is certainly not a panacea, but in concert with healthy lifestyle changes it works for me. I imagine that I will become a loyal user.
  • Sofia Hernandez "Lover, fighter, sister, moth... - Gorgeous collector 2012I just received this Barbie Collector Holiday doll for 2012 and I am in LOVE! She is absolutely gorgeous with her classic red velvet gown and beautiful blonde hair. Her hair and make-up is styled in a very "1950's" bombshell manner. If you love the style of the older Barbies' then you might want to add this doll to your collection.

    This is not a doll that you want to take and hand over to your five year old daughter (or son, if he enjoys them!). Her hair is stiff and she is not a pose-able doll. Quoting Phoebe Buffay from Friends when she was referring to old crunchy Christmas trees that are not purchased on the lot: "She wants to fulfill her Christmas wish!" That is all that Holiday Barbie 2012 wants to accomplish. Let her fulfill her Christmas wish of sitting in her display box or other display case far away from little fingers that want to stick her in her corvette. She is delicate and should just be admired either year round or just for the Holiday season.

    Highly recommend for the serious collector for her beauty and classic American looks. I would go as far as recommending for children if they can grasp that she is only a display piece to love from afar. I would also state that you can leave her in the box that she arrives in. There was bit of thought put into the placement and it displays rather well on it's own.