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  • Robert Allen Bria - Equality for ALL Fruits!As a frequent user of the famous apple slicer, I have happily sliced my apples for years while my sorrowful bananas watched longingly from the side. I always had to tell them that it wouldn't be long before they would have their chance, that they were still just as important as the apples even without their own designated slicers. But they didn't understand. Why had they succumbed to this horrible neglect? Why were they so inferior to the lovely crispness of the apple?

    So you can imagine my immediate gratitude when I stumbled upon the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer on Amazon! With it's evenly spaced segments and handy, easy-to-store shape, I found it to be a gift to mankind. Never again will I have to console my bananas and seemingly play favorites to my apples. Never again will I have to live with the guilt of hurting my bananas' egos by only using an apple slicer.

    I feel this product is a very appropriate way to encourage self-esteem in our bananas. I am confident that if you buy this product, your bananas will feel a strong sense of self-worth and appreciation. As an advocate for the No Fruit Left Behind Program, I firmly believe that this is the most important issue, and we must promote equality in all fruits. Thank you, Hutzler, from the bottom of my heart. You do not know how many lives you have touched with this product.
  • Sachin Deshpande "Sach" - Superb book and method!I bought this book last year. It has helped immensely with my back, shoulder, and foot pain.
    I think it is worth it watch her videos on YouTube so that you get understanding of Esther's general approach. The one on the Google campus is particularly good.
    Essentially, she promotes a natural posture based solution to all pains. And that is what attracted to this method (as opposed to other methods such as prescription drugs, ibuprofen, electrical stimulus, etc.)

    It does take a little time to learn, but it is well worth it. It has clear pictures and descriptions of the eight techniques. I recommend the DVD as supplement just to understand the method in depth! And if you get a chance, get trained by a Gokhale method instructor.
  • Henry F. Durand - Cromwell's England: You are thereMantel is able to put you into the details of life in the 16th century of Henry Vlll. She develops the major character (Cromwell) in such a way that you can begin to see how he rose to power and the ways in which he maneuvered in the deadly politics of his time. Her attention to detail is instructive and recreates the milieu of Tudor England.
  • Rush Creek Donna - A good productI was able to install the beta version w/o trouble though I didn't really notice any difference as my old Webroot Spy Sweeper program also worked very well. The only difference I noticed, which gave me a chuckle, is that the beta program labled my Trend antivirus as a 'dangerous' site... was that a tongue in cheek addition or a genuine glitch? In any case, the program worked quietly in the background and has kept my pc clean.
  • mbrandi - cannot rave enougnI was skeptical at first in spite of all the glowing reviews but this product is even better than described.
    Everything germinated without any problems and I can hardly cut enough of the herbs to stop them from hitting the lightbulb which does burn them.
    My only problem is that my cat seems to be addicted to the chives so i have yet to have enough to cut any for myself.
    My one complaint is that the pole should be taller so the herbs could grow more without burning the ends.
    Also,I would love something even bigger that could grow something like squash,bell peppers,cukes etc.
    With gardens getting smaller and smaller this makes a lot of sense to me.
    At any rate I am considering buying another one for tomatoes and greens or both and wonder if anyone has these placed in a room other than the kitchen?