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  • M. A. Ramos - Great bookAnn Coulter is a syndicated columnist. In this book she presents her writings about American liberalism. Her commentary covers the war on terrorism, the 2004 presidential election, the state of the Democratic Party, Max Cleland, Bill Clinton, and Freedom of speech is just some of her topics.

    I finished this in one day. Ms. Coulter is a brilliant writer that is intelligent, witty, and sarcastic. Combine that with her logical and candid manner and you can see why this very articulate woman is on the bestseller list. A very easy read. This book is entertaining and thought-provoking.

    Media attacks her all the time that is why I had to get one of her books. After hearing her I am amazed at irresponsible criticisms that have been falsely leveled at this woman. She backs all she says with facts. It is just some find it hard to swallow the truth, even when served with such witty sarcasm.
  • "dougie937" - You are what you eat and this book proves it !!!!!!I've been plagued with this disease for almost 7 years now and have 50% of my body covered with sores. I have been to the Cleveland Clinic and many other doctors searching for relief. After great expense, I was no better off afterwards than before, sometimes in worse shape. I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of of this to no avail!!!!!When I came to this book I was doubtful but like every other suffer desperate for relief, I forwarded the link to my wife and she bought the book. I have been doing this for almost a week now and I am starting to see the results, even though I haven't followed it to a "T". Yeah the teas are horrible, but other than that it is not bad - better than the disease. So if you are also plagued with Psoriasis, I HIGHLY recommend this book and the lifestyle change it promotes. Yes I miss my steak and potatoes, but that's life - time to move on.As for the one review that states it all stress related, this individual surely doesn't have psoriasis. I am a Network Administrator and my day is nothing but stress filled, like almost every other American out there, but yet I am healing.I eat more fruits and veggies than ever before, drink my water, eat my fish and chicken, salads, drink my teas (YUCK) and almost all other things recommended - sorry I'm not perfect - but it is working.So in summary when your momma said you are what you eat - believe her - GOD gave her wisdom - just follow it and eat right. I'll do a follow up review in 3 months, prayerfully I will continue to heal and be done with this once and for all.
  • jally7 - Preston and Child do it againPreston and Child are to me what this genre of fiction is supposed to be. Fast pace but of worthwhile prose. Great characters starting with Pendergast and Swanson. That hard to put down quality that all the best books are made of. All of these come together for a great read after the Helen storyline. Man I love these guys!
  • K. Lurz - Jesus is the reason for the season, not Santa Claus you nimrods.Every year people are putting down Christmas and stuff. Like saying, "I hate Christmas" or "I think Evangelical Christians are a bunch of chowderheads and we should take their Christmas and make it secular humanist." That is not cool, and frankly, I am sick of it. Sick to my stomach and in my heart and in my pants. Finally we have someone like Sarah Palin stand up proudly and say "Enough is enough. Knock it off because Christmas is serious." We are standing with you, Sarah ! How would Jesus celebrate Christmas ? Probably not going to Wal Mart or watching secular Christmas TV shows. He wouldn't even have any American money or speak English very well. A thousand or so years ago, brave Americans wrestled December 25th away from the non-Christians and reminded them that it wasn't Saturn or Mithra's birthday, it was the Lord Jesus's birthday. It says it right in the Bible, atheist jerks. Thank You, Sarah.
  • Tammam Beydoun - Gotta be willing to learn, but totally worth itIt's been great... Take into consideration, there is a learning curve - here's to evolution!
    Installed on HTPC and Samsung Slate 7 for last 6mos as review and Official release for 1 mos.
    Fluid, beautiful and functions like windows 7... I spend most of the time in desktop mode. But, as apps continue to be added and as they are improved, I'm finding myself using them more frequently with a great user experience.

    This is what 8 was built for... Seamless touch and pen integration. Onscreen keyboard leaves more intuition to be desired as it does not automatically pop up when toucbing input field in desktop mode, only in metro mode (in app). I would love to see swype get in on this.

    Ran into a few bugs which, if you allow the system to update, are being fixed impressively quickly.

    Again as apps improve (which is literally everyday) the experience is getting better.
    You need to be willing to learn and adapt a little...