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  • T. Smith "Goodstuff" - How can I put this anymore simply.... IT WORKS!!As is the case of most of the reviewers here I "used" to be plagued by incessant pit sweating.
    This stopped the next morning after applying Sweatblock! I wasn't too crazy about the $20 bucks but it really does work. I've been able to apply a pad to both underarms and area above the lip with a little left over. For me the pads have enough moisture to last another round. I'm applying the treatment once a week.

    Yes it does sting for a minute or two.
    Yes it smells like strong cloves or something similar.
    No I have not had any rashes or further discomfort.
    Yes I do apply it to parts of my face sometimes.

    The end! :D
  • old mojo - love itThis was an upgrade from Windows 7,Ultimate and did the upgrade on two computers. One was a laptop, the other was a desktop. Both upgrades went very smooth and all info from the Windows 7 was saved. I did a back up on both of course.. just in case, but they went smooth. It definitely takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but now that I'm familiar with W8, i'm really enjoying it. I've tried the tablets that you mainly swipe, and it totally rocks. I can easily see myself getting another laptop that also has the touchscreen capabilities to enjoy everything W8 has to offer. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.. especially at the price I paid at the time..
  • Harriet Klausner - superb science fiction romanceOver a century ago back in 1969, the Psy Council introduced the Silence to condition through rigorous training the young to avoid rage, but within a decade the reality was to prevent all emotions including love. By 2079, Psy were so in control of their feelings, everything they did was calculated and pragmatic; nothing could make them passionately react to anything as they are totally void of emotion.

    Her mother names Psy Sascha Duncan as the liaison on a business deal with Changeling Lucas Hunter, the ruling alpha leader of the DarkRiver leopard pack. As the passionate Lucas and the ice Sascha work together, both hide something from the other. Lucas seeks entry into the closed society of the elitist Psy Council in search of the individual who killed his partner; Sasha conceals even from her mother that she has deep feelings and always has had them. As they work together on the project, they fall in love, which if any of her kind, especially her mother, learns how she feels, Sasha will die.

    The key to this superb science fiction romance is readers will believe that the Singh universe is a plausible ecosystem in which Weres and Psys, and other interesting species co-exist. The story line focuses on hidden agendas as Lucas investigates the murder while Sasha investigates her taboo feelings that threaten to explode especially since she wants the Leopard man. Lucas starts off planning to use his liaison as an expendable pawn, but soon finds his dual nature both desiring the Psy as his mate. Readers will enjoy Nalini Singh's excellent futuristic thriller and demand more tales from this fascinating realm.

    Harriet Klausner
  • Richard LaBrem "Rick Balmer" - Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin HealyHow does one deal with waking up and losing six months of memories? How is one supposed to relate to a person that, to all appearances, wants nothing to do with her. That is what Shauna McAllister has to deal with. She wakes up in the hospital with no recollection how she got there. With help from the person that she considers her boyfriend she begins to get back into life. After a few days, she realizes that she has the ability to take others memories. With this ability beginning to manifest she starts to realize that not all is as it should be. Through many dangers she begins to unravel the plot to keep her quiet about what she had found out concerning her dad's political career.

    Though Erin Healy is the author, this story has a decidedly Dekker flavor. You don't really know where you are going to end up in typical Ted Dekker fashion. This is due to a close working relationship between the two of them. There could not have been a better match for either of them. For her first time out, she shines as an author. I will be eagerly awaiting to read their next collaboration.
  • Jan M. Lorrain "Jan M." - Awsome readI loved this book. This is actually the third one, of a so far eight part series, telling the story of Claire and Jamie. Some time ago I started with Drums of Autumn, then ran across A Breath of Snow and Ashes and realized that I wanted to start at the begining. So I ordered all the books that I have not read. I am so glad I did. This is a marvelous story with a lot of history thrown in the mix. I have become very fond of the leading characters who are very human. Amazon has it listed under Romance novels, but I don't think that is a good place for the series. I think more folks would read the books if they were under Historical Fiction.