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  • Jeffrey J. Jones "jjjones-wp" - Works as advertised right out of the boxRead most of the reviews; compared competitive alternatives; this is a fantastic storage solution that would have cost 4 X as much just a few years ago and operates as expected. And it is cheaper than all of the alternatives I could find.
    I have trusted Western Digital (WD) drive solutions for years. I bought a WD 1TB Raid 1 USB solution (same cabinet size with 2 X 500GB drives mirrored together) about 5 years ago to protect my XPpro software development system from file loss and drive crash. It never disappointed me and saved my butt (along with Norton Ghost as the image backup software) many times when computer drives went bad. These drives have never gone bad and served as my backup storage for the Ghost images and other files. Quietly sitting behind my XP desktop and doing its business still to this day. Mirrored Raid 1 protection means I never have to worry about losing any data even if one of the two drives in the cabinet go bad! Piece of mind.

    Now, I need much more storage for more development projects and thousands of photos - both spanning multiple systems in my home office; 6TB of Raid 1, same cabinet size for ~$400. This is network attached! Great - I need that accessible to multiple computers. About what I paid for my 1TB solution 5 years ago! Imagine what 20TB will cost in 5 years. I read about laggy speeds in other reviews. This seems as fast as a local SATA drive! So perhaps they simply didn't set it up correctly. This has a 1 Gbit ethernet port. So attaching that to a router with only a 100 Mbit port is naturally going to cut performance from the router to the drives by 10X. Not me, I bought a new LinkSys/Cisco EA4500 with 4x1Gbit ports. No bottleneck there. Additionally, if you are communicating to your router, from your computer, via wireless - instead of wired connection - another bottleneck. Not the NAS WD drive's fault. Speed was going to be a big concern for me, so I was worried about this and connected wired all the way for my important machines. I cannot tell the difference between browsing photos locally on my computer and those on the NAS WD! That concern has been put to rest. Good.

    Others reported Raid1 issues. I have none so far. Started up the interface and turned on Raid 1. It took 2 days to complete the mirror copy, the whole while I was transferring 0.5 TBs of photos and software source files to the new drives at the same time. Now it is completely mirrored and running without a problem. I did get 2 excessive heat warnings during the massive file copy and mirror period in my office that often gets to 80 degrees F during that time. It quickly reported normal temp right after with no interruption.

    I have not used any special features of this NAS other than to map the drive to all of my Windows computers and access it as if it were a local drive. Literally took a couple minutes to take it out of the box, connect it to the router, put the CD in the computer and I was up and running.

    Note: The browser interface to the NAS is far superior to the application that comes on the CD. You simply browse to the network address that gets assigned to the NAS.

    Also, Amazon packed both my new NAS WD and LinkSys router in the same oversized box such that both were simply rattling around inside the main shipping box when they arrived - instead of being tightly packed together. Credit both LinkSys and WD for tightly packing each product in their own boxes. When I pulled the WD box out of the bigger Amazon box, there was clearly something rattling inside! Oh no. Broken already due to shipment. But, I opened the box anyway, pulled out the NAS; opened it and found it was just a screw that holds the pull-tab for Drive-A to the drive for easy removal. I slipped out the drive by turning the cabinet upside down, retrieved the loose screw; afixed it back to the pull-tab and drive; and was back in business.

    WD offers their Concierge service with a live phone call technician to help you get this up and running for free - with this purchase. Free phone call, free setup! Not bad. I waited 35 minutes on hold to get the technician, just to see how long it took. I said Hi and Bye - because I already had it setup. But I just had to see how long it took to really get someone.

    Now for a bit of fun perspective: when I started in the computer industry in 1982, the largest disk drive I can remember on the DEC VAX 780 was a 300MB drive. The cabinet it sat in was the size of a big washing machine - no exaggeration - and the drive itself (the spinning platters) were the size of a 16 inch wheel on a normal car! All that for 300MB. Now I have 6TB of raid 1 storage in something the size of a good 'novel'! 20,000 X the storage in about 1/100th the space!
  • Red - I thought this helped me get my period, turns out it was implantation bleeding. I'm pregnant! Tip: take 3x day NOT 3 all at onceI've have a family history of very irregular cycles. I would go as long as 8 or 9 months without a cycle then feel very ill when it did come. Due to my high risk for endometriosis ( my mom's later turned into Ovarian Cancer)I have been on the pill since I was 16 years old (13 years!).
    I didn't want to have 8 or 9 months go by without a period and decided to try fetilaid out (after missing a couple periods) to help my cycle naturally while TTC. After about 1 1/2 months later I THOUGHT I got my period and was estatic, but nope I AM PREGANT! Turns out it was implantation bleeding. Funny thing was I had just received some ovulation/pregnancy tests from Amazon and thought I got ripped off because they were all coming out positive. I even had my husband take (his was negative)! A run to Walgreen's and a dr's appt later, it's confirmed. I never even got a period, as soon as I ovulated, I conceived. THIS SUPPLEMENT IS A GODSEND!!

    Note: Due to lazyness I had been taking all three pills at once in the morning, but afer reading someone else's review saying it worked better taking 3x a day (with meals) I decided to try. Seems to have done the trick. =D
  • Irina G "mommy of two" - Never buying another moisturizer again!During the winter months, my skin gets really dry, to the point that it even starts cracking/peeling, and dry patches occur. Wearing makeup on my bare face was a disaster - I would get patches of makeup in the most dry places of my face.

    This moisturizer is a total saver! It is smooth, rich, and penetrates your skin within seconds of applying. Because it is rich, you only need to apply a few drops with your fingertip (nose, chin, cheeks, forehead), spread/smooth all over, and even moisturize your fingers/hands while you're at it!

    It is my absolute favorite moisturizer, and I have been around the block as far as facial moisturizers go -this one definitely beats them all!
  • Grace G - Better than using a knife!Sometimes I forget which knifes I used to cut smelly onions or other smelly foods... you know those foods that stick to a kitchen utensils no matter how many times you tried scrubbing that scent off? Well, now there's this!! Gone are the days of using knifes! This is the best banana slicer in the world! You just place banana down and place this on top and slowly add pressure.. like in the picture.

    Reasons why I love this better than using a knife:
    1. Don't have to worry about accidentally cutting my fingers.
    2. Banana sliced in one easy go.
    3. Great bite size pieces.
    4. Safe for all ages!

    I highly recommend this product, and kinda surprise this hasn't been "as seen on tv"... unless it already has. I can't wait for the next model!! I want to slice more than 1 banana at a time.