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  • L. Green "Tasha" - Good StuffThis stuff works really well. I am happy with what it does for my hair. My hair always feels stronger after using this product. It does smell absolutely horrible, but it's still good stuff. Make sure to use the balancing conditioner after. I also deep condition with a MOISTURIZING conditioner after that. Do not use any protein based conditioners after this product! When used as directed, you should have good results.
  • StrawberryThief - My parents tested me with this and the results were AMAZINGSeveral doctors had previously tried to test me in the conventional way but to no avail. They just couldn't tell.

    Then my parents bought me this and got some great results. It was really easy to use and I was tested in no time at all! It's just an added bonus that this is a pack of five - it allowed them to take an average of my test results to be extra sure. The tests can be re-used, too, so there's really no downside. Safe, fun, educational, result-yielding.

    Me and my mum and dad highly recommend this item.
  • Poppy Mom - As a game, it's entertaining!I don't have enough samples to run a rigorous statistical analysis here, but just to share my user experience.

    I bought two sets of this kit. I used it with my first pregnancy, and no ambiguity - the color said girl and it turned to be a girl. I used it again with my second pregnancy, and this time the result definitely looked more like boy (but because of so many negative reviews on Amazon, I wasn't sure if the green I saw really meant we're having a boy.) We just got confirmation this week that it is going to be a boy this time.

    So as a fair comment to conclude this, it's a fun game.