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  • Teddy H - Excellent guide for parents and studentsAs the mom of an 11th grader, I have found this guide to be indispensable! I have spent much more time researching prospective colleges for my daughter than she has. No problem........this guide has been extremely helpful in narrowing down the list of good college choices for her. I definitely recommend this guide for college-bound students and their parents.
  • Wulfstan "wulfstan" - Uncle Wulfy, can I play with your iPad?Ooh, a tough question. Even tougher is "Can I have a tablet of my own?". Younger kids (this is designed for early grade school) can be really tough on electronics, and there are places on the Web you don't want them going. This handy little device is the perfect solution. True, it mostly plays games, but that's what they wanna do anyway. It also has a decent camera.

    This does need a little adult supervision to download apps from your home computer, but after that, you can hand off the device to the kids with hardly a worry. It's tough, and Disney safe. It does make learning fun.

    Do get some of those peel off screen protectors and LOTS of batteries. LOTS.
  • Roger Thomas - Simple enough for a 66 year old man to install.First of all, I am 66 years old and have the lack of electronic skills that you would expect. I had not even heard of ROKU until three weeks ago when I was talking to a young coworker about the number of commercials that I had to endure to watch TV. I then purchased a ROKU. When it arrived I set it up in less than thirty minutes. I would like to repeat that for all of you who are like me and require directions to plug in a toaster. "I set it up in less than thirty minutes!" OH, and it works! Just the mere fact that I was able to do this without calling the fourteen year old boy across the street was worth the money.
    It would appear, however, that you have to sign up for each channel you want. That requires a user name AND another password for each channel. That was harder than installing the ROKU. I use a Rolodex to keep up with all the computer passwords I already have and each one thinks that their's is the most important password on earth. Some channels require credit cards because they will bill you but there is a bunch of free stuff. There are even a couple of War Channels (I'm a veteran)
    I'm not ready to say that I will "cut the cord" (I learned THAT three weeks ago, also) but I am enjoying this product well enough to write a review.
  • Anila - REALLY DOES WORK.Okay so I've been using this for about a month now and i gotta say...this totally works! It cleared up my skin so fast and i also have zero blackheads on my nose. But if you are thinking of buying this product (which i hope you do), i must warn you..the first 2 weeks my skin was REALLY SEVERELY dry, red, itchy, flaky, and irritated. I was thinking about just quitting this regimen all together, but didn't. I read more about it and for the first week or so that's how your skin suppose to be because it's not use to the regimen. After about 3 weeks my skin was fine and now i love it :) from time to time it gets irritated but i totally think it's worth it! I breakout wayyy less than i use to, i love this product. my skin is pretty much overall clear! i promise you, it's really worth it!
  • Jose Matuk - Great crossbars, good quality, easy install.Most users are saying that the instructions are bad. Well they are. But fortunately we all have Amazon reviews, reading these I could put mine together in 15 minutes. The quality of the rack/crossbars is very good. I'm carrying a 65 lb Kayak around, no problem.

    What really made me give this 5 stars, is customer service from Atomixauto. One of the covers had a bad retainer, and after sending them pictures of it, they sent me a replacement in two days.

    Will definitely buy from them again!