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  • With Brush in Hand - It's a fun book for movie buffsI love movies, new and old, and this is a fun book to read either prior to watching or after seeing the movie and getting a different perspective. It is, clearly, all a matter of opinion and "no" I do not agree with all the reviews, or, rather, the "number of bones" they allocate. But it is a fun book and I would recommend it to movie lovers.
  • Sina Rene Franques "Sina Franques" - Great price for this product.You can find this in drug stores but much more exspensive. I think everyone knows of its benefits and pricing is more resonable from Amazon.
  • ELla green - PERFECT!!!I was sooo happy with this purchase!! I buy stuff online all the time and I'm often at least a little disappointed in some minor flaw, but this was everything it said it was! It is so pretty in person, fits my laptop perfectly, and was cheap enough that it was SOOO wonderfully cheap that it's actually a reasonable way to protect my computer. The key guard is also great, it's easy to see how much dust actually accumulates now, and it infinitely easier to clean than an unprotected keyboard