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  • __e1r__ - Here is a PRODUCT review, not a company review.Hi, I have used Proactive for a week now, and my acne has faded very much. I am very excited to see what my results are after I run out.

    Now, some people say this made there acne worse, due to there skin drying, but this never happened to me. Even if it does happen to you, they include a moisturizer, so, no problems!

    Highly recommended!
  • Phil Philson - Great value, highly effectiveI am a profuse back sweater who dealt for years with back acne. After trying Accutane and other dermatologist prescriptions, I realized I simply needed to stop the source of my clogged pores - sweat.

    With SweatBlock, my back was clear in a week. My back was completely dry, even in 100 degree temperatures.

    Because of the cost, I decided to experiment with Certain Dri, realizing the ingredients were basically the same. These products are not the same. Certain Dri just doesn't compare. It helped some, but I kept sweating and some of the acne came back. I highly recommend sticking with SweatBlock and considering it an "investment."
  • losgusanos - very cleaver in every angle..My girlfriend and myself were out with 2 people I have never met before. She said to me, there is a book for you to read. I saw the title "porn for women" smiled, and didn't look inside.
    Later she said "it isn't what you think", before I knew it I was laughing so hard.
    This is tastefully done, actually even showed it to my mother.
    Can't wait to show it to the nurses at work.
    The biography's made me laugh so hard also, since they are obviously made up ones.
    I am sure there are all sorts of comments to the negative about this book. Sure, some of us men cook ( I do ) some are romantic (I am) and some things I wouldn't suggest like the figure skating.
    The bottom line is, it is a good laugh, and tastefully done, and extremely cleaver.
    If we all left politics at the door on this one, we would have 10 min of laughs.