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  • Deborah L Bass - Sensible Plan....anxious to begin!I read it, now my husband is reading it, and plan to begin the Monday after Easter. Friends on our street did it for the twenty days, and said it was quite easy, and they loved the food. The one woman (age 60's) lost 15 lbs in her 20 days, and feels great. They plan to continue the process.
  • chad - A work of artMy friends mom calls pink floyd drug music and i said YEP if you listin to this cd and you are in an altered state of mind you will think you might be on a farm its pretty cool. but this cd by itself without the drug influence is one of the best pink floyd cd's made and should be held highly with the best pink floyd cd ever The Wall or well nevermind they are all great. bye
  • Christopher Kordas - Ann is Brilliant and liberals are cry babies!As usual Ann has done a remarkable job of exposing liberals and their ridiculous arguments for what they truly are ~ sour grapes. Thanks to outlets like FoxNews and brilliant pundits like Ann Coulter, Laure Ingram, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, more and more people are smartening up.

    In this book Ann exposes the propaganda that the liberal media has been pumping out like raw sewerage for the past few decades and how liberals are using the courts to push their agenda through because they know they can't win if they were to simply let the people vote.

    Ann's brash in your face style is not for everyone but if you want to know the truth and want to hear the facts ,then pick up a copy of this gem.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to all.
  • Fashion Forward - How to Engage Successfully In Today's Psychological Skirmishes and WarsI purchased this book in preparation for a public confrontation with a trio of certified bullies whose aggressive vocalization and unreasonable demands was wreaking emotional havoc with Homeowners in our Association. Frankly, I didn't expect to find too much helpful info; boy oh boy, was I ever wrong! This book provides today's "code" and an action plan for maneuvering through the relationships in our lives and gives invaluable recommendations to keep you and yours protected against the hoards that prey on the easily intimidated. If you're like me, you might be somewhat aghast at the book's opening content; however, early on Dr. Phil admits to a saving faith through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ -- so while his expressed strategies may sound aggressive one needs to remember that the source is from a recognized professional that believes in the tenets taught by Christ and practiced by some Christians. This is a book whose contents can help you develop a stronger backbone while providing a grid that has the potential to maximize your ability and capacity to deal successfully with life's relationships.
  • amberminokc - 3 monthold son loves it!My son just turned 3 months old on january 20th. The 1st day we opened this toy he was hooked! He plays with it every day! Sometimes for an hour straight! It awesome for me because without it I had less time to spend on dishes or its wonderful! Highly recommend for all mothers of infants!