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Flovent | Shocking Side Effects Doctors Won't Tell You About - Flovent is one of the most powerful and effective drugs on the market, but there's some serious side effects you need to know about before taking this drug.


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  • The boss - Book Keeping has never been so easyThis is a great personal bookkeeper without the hassles of employee Insurance's, sick days, vacation days, and all that comes with labor costs. And most of all it dose not make mistakes. I can check the health of my business or a job anytime or anywhere, I ran my business in the 1980's and all my books were entered by hand, I don't know how I did it.
  • Gina Central "GinaCentral" - Worth the money... whether you have issues with odor or notI have not had any issues with odor except after my monthly flow and it would only last a day or two. So I decided to give this a try because I am against douching with chemicals etc. The product works just like it says. Instead of suffering with that after flow odor for a day or two... totally gone period. I have been using it regularly not just after my period as it does make you feel more clean than not using. So you will become addicted to that very clean feeling.

    I do wish the plastic hanger was a little sturdier and adjustable. I am 5ft and with it hanging on my shower I would have appreciated maybe six inches longer to give more room to reach everything. But its okay I can make it work.

    If you have vaginal odor and have been to a doctor for diagnosis and the doctor is not able to help you then give this a whirl. It is exactly as described and does exactly what it says. Money well spent.