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  • Safina Jamal - Can't wait to try out the pineapple versionRemember the days when encyclopedias were used to do research, the radio was the biggest family entertainment, and who could forget how we wasted an agonizing 30 seconds to:
    a. take out a knife
    b. take out a cutting board
    c. place the banana on the cutting board
    d. manually chop the banana 1, 2, sometimes even up to 6 times
    e. agonize for hours as we realized we made uneven slices, never being able to live down the reputation of poor banana slicer.
    This terrifying glance into our history should speak for itself.
  • Bob Morris - An important book. It shows where we are goingWe are taking our first baby steps into The Age of Context. Ten years ago cell phones were used for making phone calls and not much else. Now they are control centers for many of us. Similarly, in ten years sensors embedded everywhere, including on us, will feed us steady streams of information, increasingly make decisions for us, and enhance our lives in ways we've not thought of yet.

    Pills with tiny embedded sensors that notify a temporary skin patch that the pills has been ingested will certainly save lives. Front, side, and rear detectors in cars will sense oncoming potential collisions and the car will take emergency action. Wearable health monitors will alert us to health problems before we know we have them.

    The Age of Context discusses this and much more, focusing on the multiplicity of ways the Internet of Things will change our lives. The authors believe these changes will be hugely positive but do not ignore the downside of being watched and monitored 24/7. The systems must be opt-in, you must be able to easily turn them off, and privacy must be respected.

    This is an important book. It shows where we are going.
  • Vishal - No more sweatI used Right guard and Mitchum anti-perspirant products for some time, with no luck. I just ended up with wet shirts. After a while, my shirts and white t shirts would get yellow in the underarm area. I recently saw this on Amazon after looking for another type of anti-perspirant. I purchased and tried this for a week, and have not released a bit of sweat until the 7th day. Sweat block has me sold. I used this along with Tom's of Maine deodorant for a nice fresh smell. Awesome stuff, Sweat block is a life saver.