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  • Privacy, Please - You guys are missing the point.OK, for all of you complaining about the high price of this cable: you just don't get it. Sure, I could buy some five-buck cable from the computer hack store up the street or even solder a couple of wires together in my basement. That's like saying that I could baste a couple yards of fabric from Jo-Ann's together with my Singer and it would be just as good as a Prada dress. Sure, my kluged efforts would perform the function of covering my body, just like any ol' cable can transfer your data from point A to point B. But the craftsmanship, the aesthetics, the presentation of this Denon Dedicated Link Cable...the whole package makes it a work of art that only the few can fully appreciate, just like that designer original gown. With its cerulean colours and its sleek, Italian-inspired lines, I have no doubt the Denon AKDL1 will be celebrated decades down the line by the Museum of Modern Art as a masterwork of modern design.

    Plus, I heard that Jessica Simpson wore a Denon AKDL1 out to an opening night recently, just wrapped around her neck and loosely tied, and got all kinds of compliments and her picture in People Magazine. I know it's just a matter of time before every little small-town girl working at the 7-11 is swiping the cables off her geek brother's compy, spray painting 'em blue, and wearing 'em out to the mall, and then the knockoffs will start, Chinese imitations showing up at your local Claire's boutique, buy this one now and get in on the ground floor while this fashion trend is still THE hottness. Plus, when the fashion wears off, it'll still do a helluva job of transferring those ones and zeroes to boot.

    In short, it's worth every penny and then some. I've even read some reviews suggesting that wearing this cable on your bosom daily will increase a woman's breasts by two cup sizes over time...although no one might notice if they're too busy envying your cool blue Denon AKDL1!
  • avalon - OMG!My roommate and I decided to try this together. We both have health issues (that involve taking medications that tend to constipate). And I'd read the reviews where some people had sudden urges to "go" (near diarrhea), so we didn't take the 4 caps a day recommended. We took 2 every morning instead. Still had great results with 7 days use. We'll be doing this once every 1-2 months. That means this bottle should last us(at least)8 months with a once a month regimen. That makes this a real bargain.

    update Dec 7, 2012. Have found this products results to vary widely from person to person. I use 2 a day for the 1st four days of the month with good results. My roommate uses for only 2-3 days. If he uses longer has bad gas and cramps. But, if he stops by 3rd day, great results w/o the side effects. This makes this bottle a real value in that it will last us around a year and a half with monthly use.