Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments - FRAME believes the current scale of animal experimentation is unacceptable. However, FRAME recognises that immediate abolition of all animal experiments is not possible.Vital medical research must continue to find treatments for diseases that lessen the quality of human and animal life. New consumer products, medicines, and industrial and agricultural chemicals must be adequately tested in order to identify potential hazards to human and animal health, and to the environment.

Country: Europe, GB, United Kingdom

  • Josephine T. Lashier "jojo" - INCREDIBLEIt came with flavor packets, progress chart and the overview guide. I can go right online at Amazon and order it anytime I want to which is perfect - I do not have to talk to anyone and can order at my own pace. Everyone should try it. My friend has already lost 25 lbs in a month which is what caused me to order it. She eats sensible snacks and a sensible dinner each night and wow she is doing great!!
  • Babybooky - Wonderful deviceMy daughter is thrilled to have this device. There is so much to do on it and she's ever learning new things. From videos to games to books to learning a new language, there is so much fun in one device. Plus, she leaves me and my husband's tablets alone....well, most of the time. I give it 5 stars but would deduct 1 star only because I wish it had an internal battery charger. It does use a lot of batteries, but we just bought my daughter her own set and we have our own recharger (wouldn't recommend buying the expensive LeapFrog version unless you just want to have the name).