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  • A. D. Lum - Windows Server 2012 Inside OutThe first thing I noticed about this book is the author - William Stanek. There are a few authors whom I know produce quality technical books. William Stanek is one of them. Going past the cover, I was not disappointed. Here are the thumbs up things about this book:

    1) It's big. That in itself is meaningless, but because this is a quality book, bigger means more coverage. It's complete and then some.
    2) It has a pleasing layout. Where necessary it uses bulleted/enumerated lists, step-by-step instructions, screenshots, tables and highlighted sections. So what? It uses these visual aids to clearly convey the material is an easy-to-understand manner (as opposed to cryptic).
    3) The font choice is simple and easy on the eyes.
    4) The writing style is spot on for me. It's a non-pedantic instructional voice with no bad attempts at humor. It's the flow and cadence one would expect from a good teacher.

    Peruse the table of contents (here at the Amazon website). If that's the material you want to learn, know that it is communicated very well and buy with confidence.
  • shoplessnow - easy tablet to useFirst time tablet user, but Ive been using samsung galaxy phone for 2 years & I love it. This tab2 is great &easy to use. I highly recommend it.
  • C. Isaacs "Charlie Isaacs" - Scoble and Israel hit it out of the parkThe best part about this book is that I can hand it to someone who knows very little about technology and they will still understand most of the concepts. Robert and Shel preach and teach but never talk down to the audience. They communicate via interesting Use Cases and tell stories instead of lecturing. This book will educate anyone who knows very little about technology and at the same time the book will stimulate "next big thing" thinking in the most experienced technologist. Nice job guys!
  • Michael Livingstone - Men can enjoy them too!I am not ashamed to say as a man I also use these. I do so consensually and in the privacy of my own home and am harming nobody in doing so. The liberated feeling of using a Bic pen created for a lady is nothing to be ashamed of, people used to look down upon a man using two different ink colours and we changed that, why shouldn't we change attitudes towards pens too? Bic Pride!