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  • Stan Gibilisco - Wealth of Information, Well OrganizedIn the spring of 2012, I started considering off-grid living options, with a mind to do the electrical wiring myself. I'm looking at properties with hybrid solar and wind power, some with backup generators (usually propane). I'd want to keep the wiring safe and up to code. So I ordered this book.

    When the book arrived, I realized that it could help me not only with basic wiring but with communications installations, especially the satellite dish that I would need. Lightning would pose a threat because of the large wind-turbine tower and amateur-radio antenna tower that I'd want. The book contains information about grounding, an essential aspect of lightning-protection hardware.

    This book really shines, however, for people interested in becoming professional electricians. It's written to help readers get ready for, and then pass, the Master Electrician's License Exam. It emphasizes true learning rather than rote memorization. I'd recommend this book not only for people who want to become professional electricians, but also for those who fancy themselves as serious amateur electricians (like me).
  • Judy Knight - Loving my ipad mini!!!!Love it! Easy to work with and will not buy anything else after trying a Surface tablet too. Just ordered another one for my husband.
  • Reviewer Mary "Reviewer Miss Mary" - I only give 5 stars becuase of MY PERSONAL "Tuscan Milk Man"It arrived!

    The Tuscan milk actually arrived?!?! You can only imagine my utter excitement! I would now be able to experience the thrill of "Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz" being poured down my throat! When the man brought it to my door he had a strange smile on his face. Which scared me, because only strange people at Walmart smile at strangers nowadays, but then i realized! It was MY PERSONAL "Tuscan Milk Man" he even had his own theme song as he came up the steps! He had a halo over his head and all my vision was blurry except for him! He stood out to me like a hot, tan, muscular guy in a sea of grotesque, misshapen, deranged centenarians! His white teeth glimmered at me. "Hello great enchantress! I am YOUR Tuscan milk man!" he said in a deep romantic voice. He handed the "Tuscan milk" to me and off he went! Then I poured some for myself.

    However, I will spare you the horror I experienced afterwards.....
  • WriterGirl "WriterGirl" - Great tote!I ordered the teal blue and was not disappointed. The color is great and I have wallet that matches it perfectly. The leather is sturdy yet supple, and I like the brass feet on the bottom so it doesn't wear out. Inside is roomy with lots of compartments to fit everything. I can carry it over the shoulder or attached the shoulder strap that is included inside. I have another tote bag from a similiar company, a deep red that is constructed about the same as this one, and I really like that one as well.
  • Dee Martin - Indispensible book for frequent referenceWhen the last life-upsetting event happened within my family, all I could do was sit and cry-until the 3rd day, when my loving daughter-in-law offered to loan me her "Life Code" book to read. I agreed and began that day. By the end of the first chapter, I realized that I had stopped crying. By the end of the second chapter, my headache was gone and by the end of the third chapter, a whole bunch of lights were coming on, related to being able to "peg" a few characters in my environment whom I have had past (and present) dealings with. I couldn't put the book down! I had to return the book and thanked my sweet D-I-L for "savng my life" BUT! I immediately downloaded this book to my Kindle-where I can re-read it (and I certainly do!), anytime I want or need to. In a word, this book is INDISPENSIBLE!!