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  • Tahirali H. Motiwala - Excellent for Step 1Read this book as many times as you can before your exam in addition to anything else you are planning to use for studying for Step 1. This book is dense but it has so much good information that you will appreciate when you do practice questions. This should be a mainstay of any study plan for Step 1.
  • Smith Gregg - Great for medical use!I've always felt that an honest business that doesn't manipulate customers, and prides itself on providing a significant and competitive value to the consumer is worth returning to and relying upon. That's why when I needed to attach my little Samantha's heart monitor to our modem so the doctors could keep a closer eye on her during these final months, Denon was the first place I looked! This is a very high quality Ethernet cable! Every bit reaches its destination intact. When it came down to either getting the best in Ethernet technology, or providing Samantha's mother a plane ticket to come see her before she passed (she works in the textile factories in the summer sending the money home while I care for Samantha fulltime) and going with some OTHER cheapo cable which could seriously jeopardize my little Samantha's health with countless occurrences of jitter and ripple - the choice was clear. Sometimes it costs a little more to have the best, but you have to choose your priorities. What is more likely to take my Samantha away from me? Only eating rice and grain and selling our TV/VCR and most of our furniture, or having a cardiac arrest slip by the doctors because of an adverse effect of vibration? Yes it stretched our budget but I highly recommend this life saving cable even to the cancer child family on a tight budget. When Samantha dies in this cold lifeless house, hungry and missing her mother, she'll still think of Denon and how their fluoropolymer insulated wonder added untold minutes to her precious little life. Bless you Denon!