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  • smasty "Sue" - Awesome! Just dont overeat!I love these gummies! They taste exactly the same. They helped me lose 40 pounds by giving me my candy fix every day. Just DON'T overeat!! Count out 10 or 20 of them, and that's it for the day! Or else. That's the beauty of these things! You simply can't overeat or trouble. I love getting the 5# bag then I'll split it up into mason jars. The 5# bag lasts for many months.
  • Kimberly J. Karas "a New England mom" - Middle grade reader but not just for the kidsWillow Chance is a unique character, she seems as though she could be somewhere on the spectrum of autism but that's never actually said. Either way what we have is a pre-teen who is very intelligent though more than a wee bit awkward, particularly when it comes to socializing with kids her age. Honestly even adults think she is a little odd, including the school counselor and while we're at it, he's a bit strange himself. Willow has a passion for plants, pondering potential medical diagnosis (as an amateur of course) of anyone who crosses her path and then there is the fact that she is flat obsessed with the number seven. Willow was not raised by her birth parents but rather she was adopted and now as we meet her it is just after her adoptive parents have both died in a horrible accident, so she is an orphan once again. Unfortunately her parents were the only people this young girl actually had in her life. There were no reliable friends or relatives to step in and help her pick up the pieces as one would typically expect. There is something special about Willow though because the few people that she has connected with are interested in her well-being, there is something about her and her circumstances that touched people enough to care and to help. There are several elements of the story that aren't realistic, such as regulations of the foster care system, for me that did not take away from the value of the book. If I were a middle grade student I would certainly step into this book with a willing suspension of disbelief even if I were aware of the unlikely or impossible elements. I was willing to suspend the need for realism as an adult in favor of a touching and thoughtful story. Great for readers of all ages.
  • Lori R. Silveira "teacherwinslow" - The Moral Landscape is IncredibleThis book is amazing. I originally felt guilty for reading this in lieu of studying more thoroughly for midterms, but it's entirely worth it. I've learned more about the nature of morality from here than every other ethics and philosophy course I've ever taken. This should be required reading at every damn University in the world.