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  • Eugene M. Mc Master "imac720" - Definately a Book for all AmericansThis book is, without a doubt, the best presentation of the current problems America faces, how these problems came about, who are the folks most responsible for them and what is necessary to solve them and how to accomplish it. I recommend this book to all lovers of America and our God who has given our nation so many blessings. gmcmaster
  • Connie - I loved it !!!!!I thought this was a great book. I read other reviews before reading it, so I was. Of sure about it. I am so glad I read it. I didn't think it was like 50 shades , it had similar things but I felt the story was its own. Gabe and Mia are interesting characters. I liked them both. They are not strangers who just meet and the storyline keeps you throughout. Without giving to much away, Gabe is demanding, the dominant but there is a.ot to his character. He can't seem to accept his feelings and try's to understand not necessary in the right ways. Mia is sweet but not a push over she stands up for herself, but also likes to be submissive. Their relationship is like a drug to both of them, but neither thinks the other feels that way. They are both dependent on each other.Gabe is best friends with Mia's brother Jace and business partners, their other best friend and business partner is Ash, who is also like a brother to Mia. I loved the fact that this book has a ending and does not leave you hanging and I can't wait for the next book which will be about Jace. The guys are alpha males and hot and sexy.I would definitely recommand this book. Wonderful story!!!
  • Benni "Ben" - Very enjoyable readThe characters are so real with relationships you can imagine you would find in a small town. I love the stories are shared with so many of these characters. There is some suffering, happiness, unexpected events, interesting histories, love and friendships. I cannot wait to read the next book.