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  • ravenpac - Great for private touch-upsI paid alot for salon laser treatments and then the salon moved 30 miles away, so I could not take advantage of all my treatments. The salon treatments were very effective, however there are some small areas they missed. Having this device at home saves me driving to a salon and saves a huge amount of time. I have used it once on small areas and it feels just like the salon laser, only maybe milder. I am doing leg, bikini, and underarm touch-up and decided to add arms. I'll re-post the results in a few weeks.

    UPDATE: 7 weeks later and it is still working.
    UPDATE: 14 weeks later and it is still working.
  • D.A. - Love it !!!Love it!!!! Worth every penny and much better than any tablet in the market !!!! For those who like customization....

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