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  • Shannon Young - This book deserves 10+ stars!Wow!!! I have read this book 3 times and I still fall in love with Christian every time! Come on ladies...there is a part of you that would love to be in Ana's shoes at least just once if not more. The detail that was portrayed of their relationship made me feel like I mentally and physically was right there with them! I truly feel this book is a "hall pass" without actually doing the deed! There were moments I was so mad at Christian and the way he acted but let's face is nice when the man takes control of situations and makes you feel like a goddess!!!
  • - I am 100% med-free now!!! :)Thanks to this life changing book I am completely drug free. As an eczema sufferer, I highly reccomend this to not only psoriasis and eczema sufferers, but to others who suffer from chronic skin/auto-immune conditions. Not only does the book outline a very thorough regimine to follow, it gives a very well written, rational explanation. In understanding what underlies this condition, one can find freedom from these horrible conditions once and for all! No more prednisone, no more cortico-steroids! It's not easy to follow, but in time you will realize and understand that it really works. It is not a load of fluff, and it does not just talk about diet, but the role of stress and emotional state, as well. It will help you have a better understanding of your overall health in general, greatly improving the quality of life! Do not believe you have to rely on Rx meds all the rest of your life. Do not believe it is hopeless and that you are stuck to do a downhill battle with your condition as it races to grow stronger than any med you may introduce it to. Do not take what the MDs tell you, because it is not a mystery, and there is a way out of your condition. I am just one among many who are living proof! :)
  • M. Montague "skycam" - Moving, beautiful, artistic!!!I have been following Brandon's blog for months now, he truley has made me cry, laugh and really stop to think. He is inspiring, talented, creative and thought provoking. I was so excited to hear he was releasing a book of his HONY work!!! I will be giving this as a gift to more than one person. The intimate faces he puts to the melting pot of faces in NY is amazing, I just can't gush and say enough.

    Thank you Brandon for sharing your beautiful creative art with all of us!